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Monday, September 18, 2023

Meet the Black Woman Whose AI No-Code Tools are Helping Black and Brown Entrepreneurs

Angel Heath

Nationwide — Angela Heath, founder and CEO of TKC Incorporated, proudly introduces the launch of AI Biz Generators and SmartBots. These cutting-edge, intuitive artificial intelligence tools along with business training are tailored to equip solopreneurs and micro-business owners, enabling them to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to gain data-driven insights for strategic planning, optimize operations and unlock rapid growth.

Despite lacking a technical background, Angela ingeniously utilized no-code AI platforms to craft TKC Incorporated’s groundbreaking solutions. These innovations seamlessly offer easy to use business support to Black and Brown small business entrepreneurs, even those devoid of any prior tech knowledge or experience.

Having mentored countless budding entrepreneurs, Angela candidly shares, “It pained me to observe individuals of modest means grappling with the intricacies of starting their ventures. The overwhelm was palpable, with many spending months trying to decipher business basics. Tragically, a significant number abandoned their entrepreneurial dreams.”

A staggering 96% of Black-owned enterprises operate as non-employer firms or solopreneurs. This stands in stark contrast to the 80% recorded across the entire small business ecosystem. “The AI Biz Generators bear testament to the fact that we, too, can harness AI’s transformative power. These tools pave the way for solopreneurs to experience the efficiency, automation, and cost savings essential for sustainable growth, mirroring the advantages enjoyed by more established enterprises,” Heath emphasizes.

AI Biz Generators function as intuitive templates, guiding users through pivotal business activities such as strategy formulation, market research, and brand extension, all initiated by inputting a few keywords. The specialty, custom bots offer businesses a unique avenue to elevate their customer service, lead generation, and training programs.

Determined to shatter the barriers that have traditionally left diverse business owners on the periphery of technological evolution, Angela’s vision is to democratize access to AI. Recognizing the trepidation many harbored, she was resolute in her mission to develop tools that were user-friendly and non-intimidating.

“Artificial intelligence and automation are the bedrock upon which future businesses will be built. My aspiration is to equip every Black and Brown entrepreneur with the tools to start and remain competitive. I constantly reiterate – either integrate AI into your business today or be prepared to close shop tomorrow,” Heath asserts.

TKC Incorporated’s AI Biz Generators and SmartBots are now available, with pricing structures designed to be accessible to all.

Discover the transformative potential of AI for your business. For more details, explore AIBizGenerators.com or connect directly with Angela Heath on LinkedIn @the-real-angela-heath.

Founded by Angela Heath, TKC Incorporated is a College Park, Maryland-based speaking and training company the addresses the changing world of work and entrepreneurship. With a firm belief in leveling the playing field for solo knowledge-preneurs, TKC Incorporated is committed to making AI tools accessible, user-friendly, and affordable for all.

For media inquiries, please contact Lisa at support@aibizgenerators.com or 301-949-3469