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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Fashion Mogul, Founder of Black-Owned Traveling Tailor Business Releases 2nd Book

David President, author of Beyond the Suit

Nationwide — David President, Jr., widely recognized as the “Traveling Tailor,” is proud to announce the release of his sophomore book, Beyond The Suit, following the success of his 2020 debut, The Power of a Suit.

Beyond The Suit captures the heart by addressing relevant topics and builds on the principles of his debut book. Beyond the Suit combines storytelling, inspirational guidance, and real life experiences to help readers of all personal and professional journeys, embrace a purpose-driven approach to success.

“I first shared how harnessing the power of a suit can elevate confidence,” said President. “Now it’s time to elevate beyond the suit and foster a space where individuals can thrive with authenticity and purpose though internal growth and development.”

The book challenges conventional notions of success and encourages everyone to define their own path, highlighting their values and passions and recognizing areas of opportunity for growth. President emphasizes the importance of authenticity, encouraging readers to bring their optimal selves in all situations. President shares practical advice, and engaging stories to guide readers on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

In this compelling book, President shares his own personal anecdotes, drawing from his remarkable career as a business owner, hospitality executive and author. Through a combination of engaging storytelling, and practical advice, Beyond The Suit empowers readers to break free from the confines of traditions and barriers and embrace a more bold and purpose-driven approach to life.

David President is an hospitality executive, business owner, and 2x author with a passion for redefining success and motivating others. With over two decades of experience in leadership roles, President has dedicated his career to helping professionals break free from the constraints of traditional corporate culture and embrace their authentic selves.

To stay updated on upcoming events, promotions, and to learn more about David President and Beyond The Suit, please visit the author’s website www.dpattire.com or email TheTravelingTailor@dpattire.com. High-resolution images and author headshots are also available upon request for media inquiries.

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