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Friday, November 10, 2023

Black Woman President of DC-Based Marketing Agency to Lead Social Impact Practice Using AI Solutions

New Offer Enables Clients to Develop and Implement Strategic Marketing Approaches That Align the Values of Their Organizations With Attitudes of Key Stakeholders

Karen Baker

Nationwide — Marketing agency Boathouse Group has launched a new social impact practice that will be led Boathouse DC president, Karen Baker. The firm’s portfolio of services also includes advertising, communications, digital acquisition and organic social.

“We see this offer as a critical component of our overall portfolio as client organizations of all sizes seek to ensure they are reflecting the values of their stakeholder bases in an era when social good is a critical yardstick,” said Boathouse Founder and CEO, John Connors.

Baker added, “Measurable societal impact in action requires online and offline efforts. We understand how to deliver this…Whether the focus is equity and inclusion, specific social issues, corporate social responsibilities, philanthropy, employee trust, or all of these, being purpose-driven in our narrative and how we define and identify the impact is our focus.”

The agency said that by leveraging synergy across initiatives and campaigns, it is seeking to “inspire the scale of social good.”

Boathouse said it would leverage AI solutions to understand the social landscape of social issues within a client’s industry and globally and use insights learned as part of a broader marketing and communications strategy.

The agency is headquartered in Boston and has offices in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley.

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