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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Black Educator Releases New Guide to Empower Black and Brown Families for Free

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, author of Be a Parent Champion

Natinowide — Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, a seasoned African American educator leveraging three decades of experience, proudly releases the free 10th Anniversary Edition of Be A Parent Champion, a guide dedicated to transforming the development of Black families. This vital resource aims to equip parents with the knowledge and tools necessary for navigating an educational system not designed for them and advocating for their children’s success. Plus, there’s a free discussion guide to support reading circles of parents all over the nation. Black parents can do this in community.

Created from the ground up by a Black woman educator, Be A Parent Champion addresses the unique challenges faced by Black families in the educational system. It combines actionable strategies and deep insights to empower parents as leaders in their children’s education as they
wait for the system to heal.

“As a Black woman leader who served as a principal for over 17 years, there’s wisdom I offer to
families from my own first-hand experience in navigating an educational terrain to get their
children through a system full of shortcomings and disappointments,” said Tovi, who is also the founder of Tici’ess, Inc., a transformational leadership company. “While the system needs time to heal and transform, we must prepare our Black families with the necessary insights coupled with tools and strategies to ensure that their heartfelt efforts on a 13-year educational journey yield success. Our children must succeed as unscathed as possible.”

The relationship between Black parents and schools has long been complicated, sometimes hindering the progress needed for the academic success of Black children. “Be A Parent Champion™” seeks to mend this gap, promoting a united approach of “we, us, & ours”™ to foster collaboration and achieve equity in education.

It’s a fundamental truth that parents play a critical leadership role in their children’s education.

Be A Parent Champion is at the forefront of honoring this reality, advocating for the
development of parent leadership within schools and organizations. Recognizing the profound
impact of Black family voices and leadership is essential for enhancing academic outcomes for
Black children.

Understanding parents’ time constraints, the guide is designed to be both brief and impactful. It encourages parents and caregivers of Black children, ages 0-18, and schools to become
proactive partners in their child’s education, offering straightforward, practical advice for
immediate action.

In addition to the guidebook, Be A Parent Champion comes with additional materials including an eBook, discussion guide, workbook, and curriculum to further support parents and educators in fostering a collaborative and effective educational environment.

Who is the guidebook for?

• Parents of Black children, ages 0 – 18 (first & foremost)
• Caregivers of Black children, ages 0 – 18
• Schools & organizations that serve Black families and Black children


Parent Champion is a lifesaver for parents drowning in the rough seas of educating their children. Tovi Scruggs offers concrete, practical strategies to help parents sharpen the tools needed to mold successful offspring. By helping us to hone our coaching skills with our children, Parent Champion helps us to create our best parent selves, and thus creating our best hope for shaping the future.” — Lasha Pierce, M.D., Parent Champion, Mother of 4.

With Black children and youth of color historically facing disadvantages in the U.S. educational
system, the release of this guide marks a significant step towards changing their educational
trajectory. It emphasizes the essential role of parent engagement in securing academic success
for their children.

“It is critical that we heed the teachings of Parent Champion, and I encourage parents to unify to demand higher standards and results from our schools, participate more fully in the realization of those expectations, serve as contributing authors of the agendas in our schools, and take more definitive action in our homes. Parent Champion shares important aspects of exactly how to do that,” said Tovi.

Access Your Free Copy:
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For press inquiries, contact Sheila Ellis-Glasper, SEG Media Collective, sheila@seg.media or Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, Tici’ess, Inc, goddessatwork17@gmail.com