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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Meet the Single Black Mom Rewriting Money Stories One Debt at a Time

Zinnia Adams

Nationwide — Zinnia Adams, a Chicago-based financial education instructor, is spearheading a transformative approach to personal finance education. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and through her work at Perspectives, Adams is breaking down complex financial concepts and making “money moves” relatable to those who have been underserved and overlooked in the world of finance.

Adams’ unique approach is focused on shifting the stigma around financial mistakes, helping her students to address the root causes of harmful financial habits and replace them with sound financial strategies. With her acclaimed “Money Moves Course,” she breaks down complex financial concepts, making them relatable and understandable for everyone.

Born out of her own experiences as a single mother at 17 and enduring financial struggles such as bankruptcy and foreclosure, Adams managed to turn her situation around. She paid off $50K in consumer debt and fully financed her undergraduate degree, achieving financial stability and peace of mind. Now, she is committed to helping others do the same.

The significance of Adams’ work is heightened by the traditional lack of financial education in primary and secondary schooling, which has left many individuals, particularly those from overlooked and underserved communities, struggling to achieve financial stability.

Adams’ company, Perspectives, launched in 2017, has since impacted the lives of hundreds of women through its pioneering Money Moves Course. This program transforms how students perceive money, equipping them with the necessary tools to escape the chokehold of debt and start their journey toward financial stability. By teaching personal finance, particularly to women, she hopes to trigger a ripple effect that extends to families and communities.

“The thrill of witnessing the transformation of women as they seize control of their finances is beyond words. I’m driven by this mission to aid women in building wealth, and their success stories bring me immense joy. We’re rewriting their money stories, erasing one debt at a time,” expressed Adams.

Adams’ efforts have not gone unnoticed. She has been quoted in notable publications such as Nerd Wallet and Go Banking Rates and her newsletter has been recently mentioned in Time Magazine.

Adams holds an MBA in Finance, is a real estate investor, a three-time author, and has been described as a Money Moves Motivator. Her transformative work continues to make waves in the realm of personal finance education.

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