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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Thought Provoking Advice For Young Athletes in New Book, “Don’t Be a Dumb Jock” by Former College Athlete-Turned-Entrepreneur

Aaron Johnson, author of Don't Be a Dumb Jock

Aaron Johnson, author of “Don’t Be a Dumb Jock”

NationwideDon’t Be A Dumb Jock: Why Education, Social Responsibility and Financial Independence Go Hand and Ball by Aaron Johnson speaks through the lens of a former college football athlete. Johnson has more than 25 years of competitive athletic and fitness education experience.

The book chronicles his first competitive sports athletic experience at age 8 (flag football and youth track), competing in three sports as an adolescent, winning numerous team championships at every level, and being recruited as a high school football star by Grambling State University and head coach Super Bowl XXll MVP, Doug Williams.

Johnson comments, “In health and fitness, the person you should want to be like is your favorite professional sports athlete. Think about it. Professional athletes are in great physical shape. Professional athletes are aware of their daily food intakes. No one is more aware of their mind and body. When your favorite athlete combines physical prowess with mental and emotional intelligence, social responsibility, and uses his or her sports platform to build a life legacy for them, their family and community, we stand and applaud. Is this too much to ask?”

He continues, “Because of the current political atmosphere, professional athletes have been put in a really awkward position. ‘Do I take a stand for myself, family and community at the risk of losing my job?’ ‘Am I supposed to do what I know is right?’ ‘Do I care?’ ‘What should I do?'”

Don’t Be A Dumb Jock is dedicated to inform young student-athletes and potential athletes that it is their responsibility to become more educated and more socially responsible while enjoying the inherent life-long perks of being an athlete.


About the Author

Aaron T. Johnson, M.S., is an author and owner of Skate Buds International Corporation, in Dallas, Texas. Upon graduating from Grambling, Aaron attended graduate school at Louisiana State University, receiving his Master of Science degree in Kinesiology. Aaron worked as a graduate intern in the football Department of Recruiting for head coach Les Miles. Aaron Johnson Fitness Club® (AJFC) is a
fitness company servicing the fitness needs of students’ ages 6-18 and ages 50 and older.

Since 2012, AJFC programs have safely completed over 100,000 workouts throughout Louisiana and Texas. AJFC’s signature fitness program, the Skate Buds® Skate Fitness Camp, empowers students, ages 6 – 13, to protect the power of their mind, body and emotions. Aaron Johnson Fitness Club® connects the mind, body and emotions in every workout.

For more information about the author and book, visit www.DontBeADumbJock.com and/or follow him on social media at www.YouTube.com/SkateBudsInt


Aaron Johnson
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