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Urban Issues

Ebony Alert Issued For 12-Year-Old Girl Last Seen With Her Mom's Boyfriend

Teriana Mahomes

Nationwide — Teriana Mahomes, a 12-year-old African American girl from Long Beach, California, who was reportedly abducted by her mother’s boyfriend, has been found safe after an Ebony Alert and […]

Police Brutality Film 'Illville’ Joins Tubi Amid Producer Brittany Chrishawn's Real-Life Encounter With Police


Illville, a film that unexpectedly predicted its creators’ own struggles with police violence, is now streaming on Tubi Nationwide — Production company, Moore Flicks, is thrilled to announce that the […]

Woman Charged for Purposely Running Over Her Boyfriend and Toddler Son

Aaliyah Ross

Nationwide — Aaliyah Ross, a 27-year-old woman from Tampa, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly intentionally driving over her boyfriend, who was holding a 16-month-old baby, during a heated confrontation.

White Couple Arrested For Enslaving Their Adopted Black Teens

White couple who enslaved their Black children

Nationwide — Donald Ray Lantz and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather, a white couple from West Virginia, are facing serious charges for allegedly locking their adopted Black children in a barn and […]

Grown Man Kills His Black Teen Girlfriend Hours Before Her 8th Grade Graduation

Ahliana Dickey, Black teen killed by her boyfriend

Nationwide — Ahliana Dickey, a 15-year-old African American girl from Lowell, Massachusetts, was tragically shot and killed just hours before her middle school graduation. Her older boyfriend, 21-year-old Trevor Bady, […]

Nude Man in Florida Beats Elderly Neighbor, Robs Her Apartment

Marco Tulio Russi

Nationwide — A 76-year-old woman in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, was brutally attacked over the weekend by a fellow resident in her building. Marco Tulio Russi, a 43-year-old man, allegedly […]

Black Mom Gets 5 Years in Prison After Her Daughter Kills Woman at a Cookout

Lakrisha Isaac

Nationwide — In a tragic turn of events, a 10-year-old African American girl from Orlando, Florida fatally shot a 41-year-old woman during a confrontation between adults back in 2022. And […]

Police Kill Black Man Visiting His Daughter During Traffic Stop in North Carolina

Yerkoy Rayshun Shuler

Nationwide — Yerkoy Rayshun Shuler, a 42-year-old African American man from Georgia visiting his daughter in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reportedly died after a traffic stop led to his arrest and […]

Arm of Missing Black Teen Murdered and Dismembered Found on Beach

Sade Robinson

Nationwide — Sade Robinson, a 19-year-old African American teen woman from Vicksburg, Mississippi, was brutally murdered and dismembered after going on a first date. Her remains have been found in […]

Ohio Cop Fired After Slamming Black Teen's Face to Ground, Dragging Him By Locs

Officer Donovan Bever

Nationwide — Officer Donovan Bever has been fired from the Columbus police force after a bodycam video revealed his violent arrest of a 14-year-old boy, including slamming the teen’s face […]

Black Judge in Metro Atlanta Arrested For Attacking a Police Officer

Judge Christina Peterson

Nationwide — Judge Christina Peterson from Douglas County Probate Court faces charges of felony willful obstruction of a police officer and simple battery after allegedly punching an officer during an […]

22-Year-Old Fast Food Worker Arrested For Shooting at Drive-Thru Customers (Video)

Chassidy Gardner

Nationwide — Chassidy Gardner, a 22-year-old employee at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lakeland, Florida has been arrested following a violent altercation at the drive-thru on Friday at around 1am. The […]

Nearly 100 Black Boys Dressed as Kings Attend Special Awards Ceremony in Tampa, Florida

100 Black boys from Icon Prepatory School

Nationwide — In a heartwarming display of elegance and empowerment, nearly 100 African American boys from Icon Preparatory School recently attended the annual 2024 Brothers United Building Brothers Alliance’s (B.U.B.B.A.) […]

Black Student Accuses Liberty University of Purposely Allowing Her to Flunk Out of School

Alexis Reason, student at Liberty University

Nationwide — Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry is asking for a state and federal investigation against Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, for allegedly allowing Alexis Reason, an African American student, […]

Black Social Worker: "I Was Wrongfully Arrested by White Airport Police Officers"

Makeda Charles

By Makeda Charles Nationwide — I was traveling while black and chasing the next cheap ticket when I landed in Breonna Taylor’s Kentucky. Prior to my travels, I had posted […]

Award-Winning Black Author Exposes Corporate Corruption in America in New Fictional Novel

Greg Stallworth, author of Guilty is Not Enough

Nationwide — Author Greg Stallworth’s new book Guilty Is Not Enough, Life of a Whistleblower is a very suspenseful and dramatic story related to corporate corruption in America. He says […]

Black Grandmother Upset After White Therapist Allegedly Slapped Her 3-Year-Old Granddaughter

Lucretia Johnson and Haley Booker Shay

Nationwide — Lucretia Johnson, an African American grandmother from Dothan, Alabama, says that Haley Booker Shay, a speech therapist at a local clinic slapped her 3-year-old granddaughter during one of […]

Georgia Pastor and Car Dealer Accused of Stealing Identities, Defrauding Customers Now in Custody

Pastor Reveckeyo R.A. Hill

Nationwide — Reveckeyo “R.A.” Hill, a pastor from Georgia who also runs a car dealership, was reportedly arrested following warrants for theft by deception and identity fraud at his car […]

Black Autistic Teen Charges at California Police With Gardening Tool, Fatally Shot

Ryan Gainer

Nationwide — Ryan Gainer, a 15-year-old Black teen with autism, was fatally shot by deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The incident has once again brought attention to […]

New Podcast Features Angela Davis & Black Changemakers Ending Domestic Violence in California

Host of Lets End Domestic Violence podcast

A new limited podcast series called “Let’s End Domestic Violence: Heal, Restore, Prevent” features conversations with today’s leading domestic violence prevention experts about how we can break the cycle and […]

Opinion: Black People Are Sick & Tired of Discussing the Same Eight People Every Black History Month

Freddie Taylor

By Freddie Taylor, CEO of Urban Intellectuals Nationwide — Not sure who controls your Black History programming, but Urban Intellectuals is looking to shake things up. The company that specializes […]

Black Couple to File Lawsuit Against Chili's For Having to Pay Before Eating

Black couple suing Chili's

Nationwide — Markesha Futrell-Smith is filing a discrimination lawsuit after they were asked to pay upfront before placing an order at a Chili’s restaurant in Denver, Colorado. What’s more, the manager […]

Black Twin Brothers to Walk 600 Miles for Foster Care Awareness

Davon and Tavon Woods

Nationwide — Twin brothers Davon and Tavon Woods from Pennsylvania, who were adopted at the age of two, are embarking on a 600-mile walk from Sumter to Philadelphia for 31 […]

Black Veteran Arrested After Calling 911 Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against LAPD Officers and City of Los Angeles

Slade Douglas being arrested by LAPD

Nationwide — As ruled by a U.S. District Court judge, two LAPD officers and the City of Los Angeles are set to face trial early next year over the false […]

Black Author of 10 Books Explores the Domino Effect of Bullying in New Children's Book

Latifah A. Hameen, autho fo Aleem's New Challenge

Nationwide — Latifah A. Hameen, a published author of 10 books, has just released her first children’s book entitled Aleem’s New Challenge. It was written for the younger mind, ages […]

Black Woman Veteran, Confidence Coach Unveils "Inner Strength Journal" to Help Women Uncover Their Inner Warriors

Moniek Mo James

Blending Military Resilience with Confidence Coaching, this Revolutionary Journaling Approach is Designed to Empower Women of All Ages and Backgrounds Nationwide — Moniek “Mo” James, a Black woman veteran and […]

Dr. Cornel West Backs Black Entrepreneur Who Alleges DOJ Covering Up Theft of Her Firm’s Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Jerroll Sander and Dr. Cornel West

Nationwide — It is telling that Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West, The MPM Group (MPM) independent investigative firm, and Simon Passante, LLC law firm have all been able to discern […]

Two Black Professors Create Curriculum Guide for the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl

Drs. Linda JM Holloway and April T. Berry

Nationwide — Dr. Linda J.M. Holloway, along with her colleague Dr. April T. Berry, wanted to be creative in allowing students and others to have a meaningful conversation around the […]

Black Female Correctional Officer Speaks Out After Allegedly Being Sexually Harrassed and Assaulted By Deputy Warden

Kimberly Gray

Nationwide — Ms. Kimberly Gray, an African American female officer who allegedly was sexually harassed and assaulted by a Deputy Warden in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is speaking out about the coverup […]

HBCU Grad, Black Senior Engineer at IBM Says That AI Empowers and Deepens Systemic Racism

Calvin D Lawrence, author of Hidden in White Sight

Nationwide — Calvin D. Lawrence, a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, is a Distinguished Engineer who has been working at IBM for the past 25 years. In his new book, […]

Dad Upset After Michigan Police Handcuff 12-Year-Old Black Boy While Taking Out the Trash

Tashawn Bernard, Black boy being arrested while taking out trash

Nationwide — Tashawn Bernard, a 12-year-old African American boy from Lansing, Michigan, was reportedly handcuffed and put into a police car by mistake as he was taking out the trash […]

Black Professor Publishes a Book Refuting the U.S. Supreme Court on Affirmative Action

Rudolph Alexander Jr.

Nationwide — In his recently published book, The Myth of Affirmative Action, published by Ethics International Press, Dr. Rudolph Alexander, Jr says White society has long scapegoated Blacks for social […]

White Mom Suing Airline After Being Accused of Trafficking Her Black Daughter

Mary Maccarthy and her daughter

Nationwide — Mary MacCarthy, a white woman from Los Angeles, California, has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over what she claims was a case of “blatant racism” after an […]

Plaintiffs Suing PulteGroup CEO Ryan Marshall After Blowing Whistle on Racist “Noose Meeting” Exit Michigan Venue

Pultegroup CEO with Black plaintiffs

Nationwide — PulteGroup CEO Ryan Marshall is being sued for allegedly covering up an incident where Black employees were allegedly threatened with a noose.

Black Pain Relief Specialist Celebrates 40 Years in Business, Launches 2nd Edition of Reflexology Book

Njideka Olatunde, author of Reflexology Today

Nationwide — Njideka Olatunde, a renowned pain relief educator and specialist based in Washington, DC with 40 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, is celebrating a major milestone in her […]

Gas Station Owner Kills 14-Year-Old Black Boy For Shoplifting, But He Didn't Steal Anything

Cyrus Carmack-Belton, Black teen killed by gas station owner

Nationwide — Cyrus Carmack-Belton, a 14-year-old African American boy from Columbia, South Carolina, was shot and killed by a local store owner after being accused of shoplifting. However, authorities have […]

11-Year-Old Black Boy Who Called Police For Help Shot By Responding Officer

Aderrien Murry

Nationwide — Aderrien Murry, an 11-year-old African American boy from Indianola, Mississippi, was critically injured after being shot by a police officer in his own home when he called 911 […]

Black Entrepreneurs Blocked from Buying 4.6 Acres of Land to Develop Modern Day Negro Baseball League

Cleo Arrington and Glenn Draughn

Nationwide — Meet Cleo Arrington & Glenn Draughn, two African American entrepreneurs who submitted a proposal to buy a local baseball field in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, but were blocked […]

Founders Launch New Podcast, “Untold Stories: Black and Missing,” to Shine Light on Missing People of Color

Founders and Derrica and Natalie Wilson

Nationwide — Derrica and Natalie Wilson, the founders of BAMFI Enterprises, the production company for the Black and Missing Foundation, have launched a compelling new true-crime podcast called Untold Stories: […]

Disabled Black Grandma Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Landlords For Unlawful, Racist Eviction

Sandra Black

Nationwide — Sandra Black, a 62-year-old African American retired disabled grandmother from Marion, Indiana has sued what she calls “malicious racist landlords” for their attempted frivolous eviction in Indiana state […]

Black Ex-PulteGroup Employee Slams CEO Ryan Marshall for Downplaying Racist “Noose Meeting”

Pultegroup CEO and Black employees

Nationwide — “On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, Ryan Marshall acknowledged racism within PulteGroup, although he has fired just one of the players in the racist and discriminatory scheme our lawsuit […]

PulteGroup's Jim Zeumer Responds to Black Employees' Lawsuit and "Noose Meeting"

Black employees for PulteGroup

Nationwide — Ryan Marshall, the CEO of PulteGroup is facing a damaging lawsuit after three former Black employees alleged unchecked racist behavior in the organization.

Grandson of Man Who Shot Black Teen Says His Grandpa is Racist

Grandson of Andrew Lester

Nationwide — The grandson of the 84-year-old white man, Andrew Lester, who shot a 16-year-old Black boy named Ralph Yarl when he mistakenly knocked on his door in Kansas City, […]

84-Year-Old Charged in Shooting of Black Teen Who Knocked on the Wrong Door

Ralph Yarl

Nationwide — Andrew D. Lester, the 84-year-old man who shot Ralph Yarl, a 16-year-old Black boy from Kansas City after he mistakenly went to his house, has been charged with […]

Black Teen Dies in School Shooting That Didn't Make National News

Ja'Shawn Poirier

Nationwide — Ja’Shawn Poirier, a 16-year-old Black student, was shot and killed in a school shooting in Arlington, Texas. However, this particular incident didn’t receive any national media attention.

Meet the Street Librarian Giving Away 1,000's of Free Books to Black Children

Araba Maze

Nationwide — Araba Maze, a mobile librarian from Baltimore, Maryland, is on a mission to increase access to books in underserved areas by giving free books to local Black children […]

Retired Black Police Chief Debuts Short Film to Teach Safety & Survival During Police Encounters

Beverly BJ Council

Available Online for Free to Parents, Students, and Residents; with an Updated Version of “The Talk” Nationwide — A new online short film (pronounced Hashtag, Humans) #Huemans: A Guide to […]

Black Educator Records New Song Called "I Am a Teacher" Based on His Book

Vincent Taylor

Nationwide — When teacher shortages are at an all-time high and it feels like there’s a huge departure from the profession, Vincent Taylor, an educator of 27 years, proudly states, […]

Tyler Perry Donates $2.75M to Cover Rising Property Taxes For Low-Income Senior Citizens

Tyler Perry

Nationwide — Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry is once again giving back to his local community with a $2.75 million donation to help low-income seniors in Atlanta cover their property […]

Black Couple, Real Estate Investors File Lawsuit After Being Denied Property Near Houston

James and Misty Ra-Amari

Nationwide — James and Misty Ra-Amari, an African American couple who are real estate investors from Houston, Texas have filed a federal discrimination lawsuit claiming that a local real estate […]

Ghana and Other African Nations Who Enslaved and Sold Blacks to Europeans to Formally Apologize

Ghana slave trade site

Delegates from Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries will meet in Kansas City to have a long overdue conversation about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Nationwide — A cultural assemblage is […]

17-Year Old Black Teen Ordered to Pay $150K to the Family of Man Who She Says Raped Her

Pieper Lewis

Nationwide — Pieper Lewis, a Black teen from Des Moines, Iowa who killed her accused rapist in 2020, was recently sentenced to pay $150,000 in restitution to his family. A […]

Black Author Shocked, Book Publisher Prints a Photo of Hitler Inside His Memoir With Nazi Symbols on Every Page

Ash Cash's book with Hitler teachings inside

Nationwide — Ash Cash Exantus, an African American author from Harlem, New York City, and one of the top financial educators in the country, was completely caught off guard when […]

Famous Black Gamer CoryxKenshin Blasts YouTube for Racism and Favoritism


Nationwide — Cory “CoryxKenshin” Williams, a famous gamer and online personality, is calling out YouTube’s policies in his latest video where he claims that the platform has unfair practices toward […]

Founder of Black-Owned Real Estate Academy Expands, Now Offers Real Estate Investing Classes

Lanessa Pettigrew, founder of Apex Real Estate Academy

Nationwide — Meet Lanessa Pettigrew, the founder and CEO of Apex Real Estate Academy based in Powder Springs, Georgia. She first opened the academy four years ago but has been […]

Black Author's Book "What's Your Zip Code Story?" Tackles Racism and Class in the Workplace

CJ Gross, author of 'Whats Your Zip Code Story'

Nationwide — Conversations centering on social class belong in any organization’s DEI initiatives, according to inclusion consultant Christopher “CJ” Gross.

Retired Black Deputy Police Chief to Host Free Webinar to Increase Safety and Survival During Encounters With Law Enforcement

Beverly BJ Council

Invitations Sent to HBCUs Across the Country as Part of Orientation for Students Heading Back to School Nationwide — On Thursday, Aug. 11 at 6 p.m. (Eastern), presenters from You […]

White Dad Sentenced to Death For Killing His Black Daughter

Joshua Lee Burgess

Nationwide — Joshua Lee Burgess, a 35-year-old man from Union County, North Carolina, has been sentenced to death after he was convicted of murder and other charges for brutally raping […]

Concerned Dad Creates App, Enables Students to Livestream School Shootings to Alert Their Parents Faster

James A. Samuel, founder of Anjel Tech

Nationwide — Meet James A. Samuel, Jr., a father of two, and a fighter pilot turned tech innovator who has developed a cloud-based app called ANJEL Tech that enables students […]

One Million Moms Partner With Black-Owned Bodycam App to Protect Their Kids From Police Misconduct

Black moms

Nationwide — ANJEL Tech, a Black-owned cloud-based application that turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam, has announced a historic partnership with 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms (1M4). […]

Texas Mom Sentenced For Allowing Teen Daughter to Marry 47-Year Old Man

Cherry Payton

Nationwide — Cherry Payton, a mother from Richmond, Texas, who let her 13-year old daughter marry and suffer from sexual abuse by a 47-year old man, has been sentenced to […]

Florida Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Spanking Someone Else's Child With Her Belt

Kady Ann Sewell

Nationwide — Kady Ann Sewell, a 33-year old mother from Florida City, Florida, is facing child abuse charges after she allegedly spanked a 13-year-old boy at school who had defended […]

Jacksonville Officer Involved in Black Woman Police Brutality Case Arrested For Sending Nude Photos to Minors

Alejandro Carmono

Jacksonville, Florida police officer Alejandro Carmona, charged with 2 child sex crimes, is the same officer that parked in Brittany Chrishawn Williams’ driveway resulting in her broken teeth in 2020. […]

3-Year Old Black Boy From Louisiana Killed by Stray Bullet While Lying in Bed

Devin Paige Jr., Black boy killed stray bullet

Nationwide — Devin Page Jr., a 3-year-old boy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was reportedly struck and killed by a stray bullet that flew through his window during a gunfight nearby.