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Texas High School Suspends Black Student For His Hair Style, Denies Discrimination

Darryl George

Nationwide — Darryl George, a junior at Barbers Hill High School in Texas, has faced suspension twice in a row due to his hairstyle. Despite the state’s recent anti-discrimination legislation, […]

Mom of 4 Launches First Black Female Owned Plant-Based Infant Formula Startup

April Kelly, founder of Sure!

Nationwide — Meet April Kelly, an African American mompreneur with four children who is also the Founder and CEO of Sure!, an innovative, plant-based infant formula alternative that is set […]

Meet the Founder Whose Platform Uses AI to Support Black Women Mentally and Emotionally

Nijiama Smalls

Nationwide — Nijiama Smalls, Founder and CEO of The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds, has launched a virtual platform that innovatively uses an AI wellness coach named Rashida […]

Introducing the First Animated Series For Black Children That Addresses Mental Health

Super CJ

Nationwide — An exciting new animated series called Super CJ: The Animated Series has been launched on YouTube to bring much-needed awareness to the critical mental health crisis facing Black […]

8th Annual Black Sustainability Summit to Be Held in Metro Atlanta, October 6-8th

Black Sustainability Summit

Nationwide — Black Sustainability, Inc. proudly unveils the upcoming 8th Annual Black Sustainability Summit, set to take place from October 6th to October 8th, 2023, throughout the Metro Atlanta area. […]

Black Parents and Their Newly Born Twins All Share the Same Birthday

Jose and Scierra Blair with newborn twins

Nationwide — Scierra Blair, an African American mom from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, welcomed her newborn twins, Jose Ervin III and A-ria, into the world on the very same day that […]

Black Gynecologist Releases Comprehensive Guide, "Endometriosis: The Name of the Pain and How to Repress It"

Dr. Leonard Weather

Nationwide — Dr. Leonard Weather Jr., a distinguished gynecologist and esteemed author, has released his latest book, Endometriosis: The Name of the Pain and How to Repress It. This comprehensive […]

114-Year-Old Black Woman From Texas is Now the 2nd-Oldest Person in the United States

Elizabeth Francis

Nationwide — Elizabeth Francis, an African American woman from Houston, Texas, who has just turned 114 years old, has now become not just the oldest person in her state, but […]

DJ Casper, Creator of Popular "Cha Cha Slide" Song and Dance, Dies at 58

DJ Casper

Nationwide — DJ Casper, whose real name is William Perry Jr. and the creator of the popular dance anthem “Cha Cha Slide,” has sadly passed away at the age of […]

Black Woman From Maryland, Born in 1914, Turns 109 Years Old

Sally Washington

Nationwide — Sally Washington, who is from Laurel, Maryland, is now 109 years old. She was born on July 31, 1914 in Danville, Virginia. In the 1930s, she moved to […]

Black Female Employee at Costco Says Manager Body-Shamed Her Over Work Attire

Isha Mason, woman bodyshamed at Costco

Nationwide — Isha Mason, an African American woman who works at a Costco store in New Jersey, recently shared her experience at the workplace, saying she was called into the […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches Organic Tea Products Inspired By Her Great-Grandmother

Michelle Watson

Nationwide — Meet Michelle Watson, the founder and CEO of IngenuiTea, a Black-owned line of organic tea products. When her phone kept ringing, she was sure there was a problem. […]

HBCU Grad Turned Psychologist Releases New Book to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Black Boys

Dr. Delarious Stewart

Nationwide — Dr. Delarious O. Stewart, a Black scholar and practitioner in child psychology and counseling, has just released Cool, Calm, Collected: Jamal’s Journey to Managing His Anger, a captivating […]

Black Woman From Florida Turns 103 Years Old, Says She Rarely Eats Out

Thedora Walters

Nationwide — Theodora Walters, a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently turned 103 years old. She celebrated with her family, friends, and loved ones.

Black Women For Wellness Presents 24th Annual Reproductive Justice Conference in Los Angeles

Attendees at Black Women For Wellness

Nationwide — Black Women for Wellness presents The 24th Annual Reproductive Justice Conference on August 10, 2023. It will take place at The California Endowment in Los Angeles from 8am […]

Black Dad, 5-Year-Old Daughter to Change the Narrative Around Black Fatherhood With New Children’s Book

Dontaye Carter with daughter, Kyleigh

Nationwide — Dontaye Carter has partnered with his five-year-old daughter, Kyleigh, to center Black fatherhood and a strong Black family with their new children’s book, My Daddy and Me.

Black Mom Who Tried to Kill her Son’s Killer Launches Non-Profit to Help Women Heal from Trauma

Tracie McKinney

Nationwde — Tracie McKinney, a mom of four children from the southside of Chicago, once tried to kill the person who murdered her son, but is now the founder of […]

Black-Owned Herbal Products Brand Celebrates 12 Years, Offering Adults Herbal Solutions For ED and VD

Young Black couple

Nationwide — Live Natural, a Black-owned herbal products company that provides solutions to keep romance thriving in the bedroom, continues to aid couples’ intimacy with all-natural herbal products. Since 2011, […]

Black Mom Fights South Carolina’s Family Court System for Failing to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

Evelyn Hemphill

Nationwide — Meet Evelyn Hemphill, an African American mom, a hardworking woman, the matriarch of her family, and an advocate from Rockhill, South Carolina. She is also a two-time survivor […]

Black Social Worker Launches Online Summer Camp to Teach Youth How to Build Resilience

Kim Chisolm

Nationwide — Kim Chisolm, LCSW, CASC, the founder and CEO of Mental Essentials Unlimited, LLC, is hosting a summer camp entitled “Building Resilience in Youth: A Journey Toward Becoming a […]

Black Pain Relief Specialist Celebrates 40 Years in Business, Launches 2nd Edition of Reflexology Book

Njideka Olatunde, author of Reflexology Today

Nationwide — Njideka Olatunde, a renowned pain relief educator and specialist based in Washington, DC with 40 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, is celebrating a major milestone in her […]

Retired Black Doctor’s Memoir “Are You a N****r or a Doctor?” Details Growing Up Amid Segregation and Personal Challenges

Otto Stallworth Jr.

Nationwide — Otto E. Stallworth, Jr. is a retired medical doctor. His specialty was anesthesiology and he had practiced for over forty-five years and penned his memoir during the last […]

Founder of First Black Wellness Magazine Created By Black Nurses Goes on Tour

Michelle Green Rhodes

Nationwide — Meet Michelle Greene Rhodes, the founder and CEO of The Color of Wellness, an African American-focused health, wellness, and lifestyle education platform used by nurses of color to […]

Book Reveals Black Woman's Inspirational Journey, Courage and Conquest Over Cancer

Mallika Stubbs

Nationwide — Meet Mallika Stubbs, the author of a powerful book entitled reMISSION: reSTORATIVE Practices to reALIGN Purpose. It’s a biography and memoir that is also a collection of short […]

Director of National Research Center That Serves Black Children and Families Announces 2023 Conference

Dr. Latrice Rollins, Director of NAACFRC

NAACFRC is the first ACF-funded research center to be primarily focused on the African American population. Nationwide — Dr. Latrice Rollins, Director & Principal Investigator of the National African American […]

Founder of Black-Owned Herbal Product Line For Men Who Suffer From ED Launches Podcast

JR Scroggins, host of the Spill It podcast

Nationwide — J.R. Scroggins, founder and CEO of Live Natural, which sells natural products related to men suffering from erectile dysfunction and women suffering from vaginal dryness due to menopause […]

11-Year-Old Black Boy Who Called Police For Help Shot By Responding Officer

Aderrien Murry

Nationwide — Aderrien Murry, an 11-year-old African American boy from Indianola, Mississippi, was critically injured after being shot by a police officer in his own home when he called 911 […]

Meet the Black Doulas Who Are Saving Lives and Bringing Joy to Birth

Shafia M. Monroe with other Black doulas

Nationwide — For more than 20 years now, Shafia M. Monroe, the founder of SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training, has been training and certifying doulas to help improve […]

3 Black Medical Professionals to Host Clinicians of Color Conference to Address Black Male Mental Wellness

David Archer, Steven Kniffley, and Dr. Broderick Sawyer

Nationwide — Clinicians of Color® is proud to announce its upcoming online conference, No More Hiding Behind Masks: Embracing Authenticity in Black Male Mental Wellness, on June 4th at noon […]

1,000's of Black Women Who Took Tylenol While Pregnant May Be Entitled to Compensation

Black mom with baby

Nationwide — Thousands of African American women who took Tylenol or generic acetaminophen during pregnancy at a high dose or for an extended period may be entitled to substantial compensation […]

Toni Braxton Nearly Died 7 Months Ago, Underwent Emergency Heart Surgery

Toni Braxton

Nationwide — Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton has revealed that she is lucky to be alive seven months after undergoing emergency heart surgery for a blocked coronary artery. Braxton, who […]

Anxious, Less Socially Active Black Seniors to Benefit From New Walgreens Initiative

Black senior at Walgreens

Nationwide — Black seniors, in particular, have heightened levels of anxiety surrounding COVID-19. In fact: 4 in 10 report they feel socially isolated – that’s 13 percentage points higher than […]

35-Year Old Black Mom Dies After Childbirth, Grandma Left to Raise 12 Grandchildren

Patricia Pouncey and her daughter Nikita

Nationwide — Nikita Washington, a 35-year-old African American woman from Detroit, tragically died at Harper University Hospital a day after she gave birth to her 12th child, Nathaniel. Now, her […]

Black Teen Dies in School Shooting That Didn't Make National News

Ja'Shawn Poirier

Nationwide — Ja’Shawn Poirier, a 16-year-old Black student, was shot and killed in a school shooting in Arlington, Texas. However, this particular incident didn’t receive any national media attention.

Young Entrepreneur With Autism Opens Black-Owned Nail School Just 8 Months After Opening a Beauty Bar

Aaliyah Alicia Thompson

Nationwide — Meet Aaliyah Alicia Thompson, a 21-year-old African American woman with autism from Hampton, Georgia, who has defied stereotypes and achieved incredible success as an entrepreneur in the beauty […]

Black Women Who Used Toxic Haircare Products Entitled to Financial Compensation

Black woman getting hair relaxers

Nationwide — Recent scientific evidence has pointed to a link between the use of chemical hair relaxers and the development of certain types of cancer. Product liability lawsuits have been […]

Single Black Dad Battling Depression Launches Podcast, Clothing Line Promoting Self-Love

Umar Clark

Nationwide — Umar Clark, an entrepreneur who also happens to be a single Black father, has created a podcast, clothing line, and online platform to help people suffering from depression […]

Host of Podcast That Addresses Black Maternal Health Launches New Hotline to Bring Joy to Expecting Parents

Kimberly Seals Allers

Nationwide — Kimberly Seals Allers, the host and creator of Birthright, a podcast about joy and healing in Black birth, is marking the end of her second season with the […]

Black Parents Whose 9-Month-Old Died at Florida Daycare Center Win $5M Settlement

Tayvon Tomlin

Nationwide — The parents of Tayvon Tomlin, a 9-month-old baby who died after he was found unresponsive at Lincoln-Marti daycare center in Miami, Florida, have reached a $5 million settlement […]

Founder of Annual Girlfriend Getaway Retreat to Empower Black Women For the Third Year in a Row

Jacqueline Glass and women who attended her retreat

Nationwide — 59-year-old Jacqueline Glass from Harlem, New York City, founder of the annual Sistahs at the Well: The Girlfriend Getaway, is empowering women to take better care of themselves […]

Disabled Black Teen With No Use of His Arms Uses His Mouth to Draw

Lucas Mapheto

Nationwide — Lucas Mapheto, a disabled teenage boy from South Africa, is gaining global attention for his extraordinary talent of being able to draw amazing portraits using only his mouth.

Black Dad Whose Daughter Died Unexpectedly Two Years Ago Pens Emotional Book About Grief

Author Lehman Riley

Nationwide — During his childhood, author Lehman Riley was fascinated by his grandfather Papa Lemon. Unfortunately, Papa Lemon passed away in 1973 when Lehman was 10 years old. Lehman’s love […]

Black Doctor Helps Women With Heavy Periods Gain Confidence with Leak-Resistant Period Panties

Dr, Amber Robins-Hickman

Nationwide — Dr. Amber Robins-Hickson, founder and creator of Sanxtuary MD, a company committed to supporting women during their menstrual cycles, is celebrating her company’s success in helping women and […]

Award Winning Couple and Best-Selling Authors Slated to Write, Produce and Direct Black Muslim Farmer Documentary

Rufus and Jenny Triplett

Nationwide — As the Black Farmer crisis looms and many farmers facing bankruptcy due to the government reneging on debt relief specifically for Black farmers passed as part of the […]

Sinbad's Family Says He is Recovering From Stroke, Learning to Walk, But Needs Help

Sinbad recovering from stroke

Nationwide — It has been two years now since comedian and actor Sinbad suffered from a stroke, but his family says that he is in fact recovering and is even […]

10-Year-Old Girl Name Miracle Helped Her Mom Deliver Baby at Home

Miracle Moore

Nationwide — Miracle Moore, a 10-year-old girl from Jennings, Missouri, is being hailed a hero for bravely helping her pregnant mother give birth to her baby sister at home.

Three Black American Friends Found Dead in Their Mexico City Airbnb

Three black friends who died in an Mexico City Airbnb

Nationwide — A Black male and two females who traveled to Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead were reportedly found dead in an Airbnb they rented. Authorities believe […]

Meet the Two Black Multi-Millionaire Plastic Surgeons Putting Ghana on the Map

Drs. Michael Obeng and Jude Opoku Agyeman

Nationwide — Drs. Michael Obeng and Jude Opoku-Agyeman were born in Ghana and have contributed and continue to their nation of birth through their philanthropy. Both surgeons had very humble […]

Black Family Demands Answers After 8-Year-Old Boy Severely Burned at White Friend’s House

Jayceon Charles

Nationwide — The parents of Jayceon Charles, an 8-year-old boy who was severely burned at a friend’s house in Warren, Arkansas, are demanding answers as they claim that the investigation […]

Black Mental Health Therapist and Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Release New Book to Give Young Girls a Voice

Michelle and Laiya Davey, authors of My Voice Has Superpowers book

Nationwide — Michelle Davey and her 8-year-old daughter, Laiya, from Baltimore County, Maryland are the authors of My Voice Is My Superpower, an inspiring book that reminds young girls of […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur From Florida Selected as Leader of Impact in American Heart Association’s Heart Ball

Janay White

Nationwide — Every year across 150 cities, community leaders step up to join Leaders of Impact in an effort to bring the work of the American Heart Association into the […]

Black Family From North Carolina Mourns the Loss of 2-Month-Old Baby Girl to SIDS

Amora Lanae Hopkins

Nationwide — An African American family from Warrenton, North Carolina is mourning the early and unexpected death of 2-month-old Amora Lanae Hopkins. She was born healthy on August 9th but […]

Black Dermatologist Develops New Formula For Neuropathic Skin Discomfort and Burn Wounds

Dr. Milton D. Moore

Moore Relief Dermaceuticals contain natural cosmetic ingredients that do not require OTC or prescription regulation. The products have been launched and are available for purchase on MooreRelief.com Nationwide — Dr. […]

CDC Addresses Health Inequities Among Pregnant & Postpartum People with 'Hear Her' Campaign

Wanda Barfield

By Wanda Barfield, MD, MPH, Director, Division of Reproductive Health Nationwide — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Hear Her campaign raises awareness of potentially life-threatening warning signs […]

Plus-Size Fashionista Writes a Body-Positive Book For Black Girls on Self-Esteem

Quaybella Rose

Nationwide — QuayBella Rose, an author, entrepreneur, and fashionista, has announced the release of her children’s book titled Chloe’s Big Self-Esteem. This book helps young Black girls build confidence and […]

Dad Inspired By His Autistic Son is Educating African Americans About Hidden Talents Within the Autism Community

George D. Williams and his son

Nationwide — Meet George D. Williams, MS, an Adult Autism expert and author from Denver, Colorado, whose experience with his son, Nathan, has inspired him to educate others about the […]

Author Who Was Sexually Abused at 12 and Attempted Suicide at 13 is Now Inspiring Young Black Women

Femeca Grant

Nationwide — Femeca Grant, an author and family counselor who has successfully overcome her own traumas that she experienced as a young person, has released two new self-help books, Her […]

Author Empowers Black Women in New Book That Addresses Infidelity, Alcoholism and Abortion

Lauren Wilson, author of Bougie Down Blues book

Nationwide — Lauren Wilson’s new book, Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection of Short Fiction, a collection of twelve short stories about ordinary Black women and men meeting life’s challenges. Each story […]

HBCU Grad Celebrates 3rd Season of TV Talk Show About Caregiving for People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dr. Macie P Smith

Nationwide — Dr. Macie P. Smith, a graduate with two degrees from South Carolina State University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) in Orangeburg, South Carolina, is celebrating the third season […]

Black Entrepreneur Launches E-Commerce Marketplace and Uncensored Social Network App for the Cannabis Community

.Travis Stocking, founder of Herbpon

Nationwide — Meet 30-year-old Travis Stocking, a cannabis media entrepreneur that is the CEO and founder of HERBPON, a brand-new e-commerce-based mobile app company promoting cannabis products and services through […]

Meet the Black Doctor Reshaping the Industry With Virtual Prosthetic Clinics to Help Amputee Patients

Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi, founder of Virtual Prosthetic Clinics

Nationwide — Dr. Hassan Akinbiyi, a leader in physiatry and rehabilitative medicine from Scottsdale, Arizona, is pleased to announce his partnership with Hanger Clinic, to provide Virtual Prosthetic Clinics.

Black Physician Launches New TV Series to Give Teen Girls of Color a Voice

Dr. Kela with two Black teen girls

Nationwide — Dr. Kela Henry, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, award-winning author, and speaker from Gwinnett County, Georgia, is helping to transform the way the world looks at teenage […]

59-Year-Old Mom Who Reversed Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Launches Health & Wellness Retreat For Black Women

Jacqueline Glass, founder of Girlfriend Getaway

Nationwide — After an early diagnosis with high blood pressure and diabetes, 59-year-old Jacqueline Glass from Harlem, New York City began her journey toward transformative health. Through diet and exercise, […]

Couple Launches Books, Company to Help Black Families & Educators to Understand Mental Health Disorders

Arthur and Shanita Hairston

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency Nationwide — After working with children with autism, mental health, and behavior-related disorders as a teacher, Arthur Hairston and his wife Shanita have officially […]