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BOSS Network Launches Summit Honoring LL Cool J's Wife, Simone I. Smith

Simone I. Smith

Nationwide — On Saturday, December 3, 2022, The BOSS Network presents “The Launch Summit” sponsored by JPMorgan Chase. This annual event series aims to educate, empower, and promote minority women […]

15-Year-Old Black Teen's Apparel Line Pays Tribute to Wakanda, Kyrie Irving, and More

DJ Lee, founder of Socially Conscious Apparel

Nationwide — Meet DJ Lee, the 15-year-old founder and CEO of Socially Conscious Apparel, the fastest-growing Black-owned line of hoodies and t-shirts that pay homage to Black Panther, Kyrie Irving, […]

Founder of Black-Owned Natural Beauty Brand Makes History, Opens First New Distribution Center in Delaware

Joceylne Firmin, founder of Kiyamel

Nationwide — Jocelyne Firmin, founder and CEO of Kiyamel, a Black-owned company that creates natural bath and body products for babies and adults, has opened its first new distribution center […]

Designer of Luxury Africa-Shaped Bag Releases United States of Africa Passport Holder to Spark Conversation

United States of Africa passport holder

Nationwide — Known for designing the luxury Africa-shaped bag as a symbol to connect all African descendants, Afro-luxe label Orijin Culture has just released the new United States of Africa […]

Black Dad, Former High School Dropout, Partners With 18-Year-Old Son to Launch Financial Literacy Academy

Brandon Williams and son, Timothy

Nationwide — Meet 37-year-old Brandon Williams, a high school dropout turned entrepreneur from Miami Gardens, Florida, who has teamed with his 18-year-old son to launch CEO Financial Literacy Academy, one […]

Founder of Largest Black Business Discovery App Honored By PayPal, Featured in Mastercard Commercial

Mandy Bowman

Nationwide — Mandy Bowman, founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street, the largest discovery app for Black-owned businesses, has been making waves in the media. Not only has she […]

HBCU Alumna Creates First Digital Financial Card Game for Young Black Youth to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Ruby Taylor

Nationwide — In the United States, the total racial wealth gap is more than $10 trillion, meaning millions of families of color are disproportionately disadvantaged, lacking resources, mobility, and stability. […]

Meet the Black Woman Entrepreneur Whose Afrocentric Gift-Wrapping Paper Brand is Truly Making an Impression

Lorna D. Cheatham, founder of a Black-owned gift wrapping paper brand

Nationwide — Lorna D. Cheatham is the founder and CEO of Clera’s Creative Gifts, a Black-owned gift-wrapping paper and gift bag brand that is known for its unique Afrocentric-themed designs. […]

Trucking Entrepreneurs Magazine Launches 2nd Issue, Provides Insight for Moguls in the Transportation and Logistics Industries

Trucking Entrepreneurs Magazine

Nationwide — Early this year, Trucking Entrepreneurs Magazine was officially launched as a resource for trucking entrepreneurs with information on players in the industry, how to start and grow a […]

Meet the Founder of the Fastest-Growing Black Woman-Owned Line of Luxury Leather Designer Handbags

Elena Holtzclaw, founder of Theugi

Nationwide — Elena Holtzclaw, a talented entrepreneur and designer from Albany, New York, knows her leathers. She is the owner of Theugi – New York, a Black-owned line of premium-quality […]

Founder of the Largest Black-Owned Oral Care Company in the World Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Philip Garner, founder of Garner's Garden

Nationwide — Philip Garner, the founder and CEO of Garner’s Garden, a trendsetting all-natural oral care and skincare company is celebrating 10 years in business this year. The black-owned business, […]

Entrepreneur Launches Affordable Jewelry Collection That Honors Black Women

Wanda Jackson, founder of Mare Sheree Collection

Nationwide — Wanda Jackson, having dutifully contributed 19 years of service to the Social Security Administration, has launched her Maré Sheree Jewelry Collection with the intention of creating an impact. She […]

Atlanta Metro Bus Driver Makes History, Celebrates 50 Years on the Job

Coy Dumas, Jr

Nationwide — Coy Dumas, Jr., a 71-year-old MARTA bus driver in Atlanta, Georgia who is well-loved in the community, is being honored for having served his community for 50 years.

A Congressman’s Life-Long Fight to Bring Racial Justice to the US Military Awards of the Medal of Honor

Black war heroes

By Faton Tony Bislimi, PhD Nationwide — November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. There is no higher award or honor that military heroes can receive than the […]

Meet the Career Coach Helping Black Women Transition to Well-Paying Tech Jobs

Shimeka Williams

Nationwide — Shimeka Williams, career coach and founder of Liberated Living LLC, has announced the official launch of her highly anticipated new book, The Confident Switch: How to Change Careers […]

Meet the Founder of Amour, the Newest Black-Owned Dating App For Singles

Jonathan Joseph, founder of AMOUR app

Nationwide — Meet Jonathan Joseph, Jr, the founder and CEO of Amour, a Black-owned innovative relationship-building app that highlights new matching and messaging features that increase your chances of finding […]

Meet Kescha Wilson, the HBCU Grad Who Mentored FBI Agents, Law Enforcement Officers and High Powered Career Women

Kescha Wilson

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency Nationwide — Kescha Wilson, the mom who mentored both FBI agents and members of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and whose […]

Founders of DMV Black Restaurant Week Kick Off 5th Annual Celebration, November 5-13, 2022

Founders of DMV Black Restaurant Week

Washington, DC — The 5th Annual DMV Black Restaurant Week 2022 will be held from Sunday, November 6, 2022 – Sunday, November 13, 2022, with a Food, Music, and Fashion […]

Largest Network of Black Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Celebrates 13 Years With 2022 "Ladies That Lead" Conference

Cameka Smith, founder of the Ladies That Lead Conference

Nationwide — The BOSS Network, an online community of professional and entrepreneurial women who support each other through digital content, programs, and event-based networking, will continue its 13th-anniversary celebration with […]

Diana Lynch, the First Black Woman CEO to Develop an International Resort in the Dominican Republic

Diana Lynch

Nationwide — Diana Lynch, the only African American female CEO of an international development company, is constructing Samaná Bay Resort, the first Black-owned international golf resort in the Dominican Republic. […]

Entrepreneur Launches Online Marketplace for Black Artists and Crafters

Kumu Kalena

Nationwide — Meet Kumu Kalena, the founder and creator of HauteCoutureCrafts.com, an online marketplace for crafters and artists selling high-quality artwork and handmade crafts. It can also be used by […]

Meet the Two Black Multi-Millionaire Plastic Surgeons Putting Ghana on the Map

Drs. Michael Obeng and Jude Opoku Agyeman

Nationwide — Drs. Michael Obeng and Jude Opoku-Agyeman were born in Ghana and have contributed and continue to their nation of birth through their philanthropy. Both surgeons had very humble […]

DC-Based Black Entrepreneur to Appear on New Reality Show on the BLKGTV App

Kinyatta E. Gray, founder of Flights in Stilettos

Nationwide — Entrepreneur Kinyatta E. Gray has joined the cast of the newest business reality show, I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect. The show can now be previewed on the BLKGTV […]

Creator of Super CJ, a New Black Superhero Animated Series, Reveals Beautiful Complexities of Black Boys

Yaba Baker, creator of Super CJ Black Superhero series

Nationwide — Yaba Baker, Founder and President of Just Like Me World, has launched a new animation studio producing half-hour cartoons and animated movies featuring Black characters as superheroes, princesses, […]

Woman Makes History as the First Black Female Designer to Partner With Kohl's

Barbara Clarke Ruiz

Nationwide — Design expert Barbara Clarke Ruiz, best known for her bold and versatile athletic apparel and sportswear designs has teamed up with Kohl’s to design the company’s latest Tek […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur Known For Her Fleet of Trucks to Host 2022 Conference in Houston to Inspire Other Women

Kristi Jackson, founder of the Woman CEO Project

Nationwide — Kristi Jackson-Muhammad’s Global Power Tour, a collective of leadership workshops and entrepreneurial networking events to uplift Black women in business, will take place at The Post Oak Hotel […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur From Florida Selected as Leader of Impact in American Heart Association’s Heart Ball

Janay White

Nationwide — Every year across 150 cities, community leaders step up to join Leaders of Impact in an effort to bring the work of the American Heart Association into the […]

Black Cosmetologist Reinvents Herself After Near Death Experience, Launches Online Course For Entrepreneurs

Angie Ravenel

Nationwide — Angie Ravenel, a 30-year veteran hairstylist from South Carolina, never thought that she wouldn’t retire happily from working in her salon of 25 years. However, a life-changing experience […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur Makes History, Secures Licensing Deal to Make Shoes for 7 Major Universities

Kam Ballard, founder and CEO of b.c.e. Shoes

Nationwide — Kam Ballard, founder and CEO of b.c.e. Custom Shoes, a Black-owned multi-million-dollar shoe company that is breaking barriers to become a household name. Her company has been approved […]

Meet the Founder Whose Program Prepares Black Scholars to Become Doctors

Dr. Lisa K. Brown

Nationwide — Dr. Lisa K. Brown is the founder of Perfected Papers Plus, specializing in helping doctoral candidates complete the dissertation process. In November of 2022, Perfected Papers Plus will […]

Founder of Black-Owned Day Spa Celebrates 10+ Years of Healing For Domestic Abuse Survivors

Cindy Tawiah

Nationwide — Cindy Tawiah, founder of The Diva Project based in Baltimore County, Maryland, is celebrating her organization’s 15th anniversary of transforming the lives of women who have suffered from […]

Schenita Stewart Makes History as the First Ever Black Woman Police Chief of Evanston, Illinois

Schenita Stewart

Nationwide — Schenita Stewart has been sworn in as the Police Chief in Evanston, Illinois, making her the first Black woman to permanently lead the police force in the city’s […]

Founder Makes History, Launches First Ever Black Woman-Owned Investing Mobile App

Sabrina Lamb, founder of Wekeza

Free investing and financial education for the culture Nationwide — Meet Sabrina Lamb, the Founder and CEO of Wekeza, the first Black-owned and Black woman-led trading and investing mobile app. […]

Black Mom of 2 Builds Over $600K College Portfolio and Now Teaches Other Mothers How To Build Wealth

Tanya Taylor

Nationwide — Tanya Taylor is a Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA in Strategic Management. She has spent her 24+ year career on Wall Street in the banking and […]

Black Dad of 2 Makes History, Revives a Century-Old Nigerian Writing System Using Children’s Books

Chinua Mosley, author of Nsibiri Anatomy

The South Nigerian writing system, Nsibiri, can now be learned from a 43-page children’s book written by ed-tech educator Chinua Mosley. Nationwide — Chinua Mosley, a father of two children […]

Black Dermatologist Develops New Formula For Neuropathic Skin Discomfort and Burn Wounds

Dr. Milton D. Moore

Moore Relief Dermaceuticals contain natural cosmetic ingredients that do not require OTC or prescription regulation. The products have been launched and are available for purchase on MooreRelief.com Nationwide — Dr. […]

Meet the Kid That Made $250K From Instagram By the Age of 20

Taijaun Reshard

Nationwide — Meet Taijaun Reshard, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia who has made a staggering $250,000 by the age of 20 all through one app… Instagram!

250,000 Black Women Invited to Attend Powerful 'Psychology of Success' Event

Cameka Smith, Beverly Johnson, and Joseph McClendon

Nationwide — Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make someone successful? Why do some people seem to have the Midas touch and consistently create abundance and success […]

Black Couple Makes History, Partners with D-ID, Launches First e-Learning Platform to Use A.I. Instructors in the U.S.

Demario and Dawn McIlwain

60-minute A.I. Instructed Courses™, collaborative interactive features, and a premier partnership with D-ID, an Israel-based company known for its Creative Reality™ technology, helps Skilldora to accelerate the evolution of next […]

Dad and Daughter From South Side Chicago, Owners of Black-Owned Frozen Pudding Line Now in Walgreens

Lorenzo and Genesis Bencivenga, founders of Lorenzos Frozen Pudding

Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding has gone from making 200 units a day to 2,700 units in half a day. Nationwide — Meet Lorenzo and Genesis Bencivenga, the father-daughter founders of Lorenzo’s […]

Kanye West Reportedly in Negotiations With Black-Owned Brands After Severing Ties With Gap

Kanye West

By Tony Thompson Nationwide — Late last week, an attorney for Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, told The Associated Press that a letter was sent to Gap on […]

14-Year-Old Black Author of 8 Books Partners With Ethiopian Literacy Expert Who Has Been Honored with a Prestigious International Award

Leyla Marie Angelidis and Jane Kurtz

Nationwide — Meet Leyla Marie Fasika Angelidis, a 14-year-old young Black author from Seattle, Washington, who has co-authored 8 bilingual books featuring stories about life in Ethiopia. Her books are […]

Meet the Black Woman Lawyer to Represent Alabama Pastor Who Was Wrongfully Arrested

Attorney Bethaney Embry Jones

Nationwide — Atlanta-based attorney Bethaney Embry Jones is one of the lawyers representing Alabama pastor Michael Jennings after he was wrongfully arrested by Childersburg police. Jones is an exceptional lawyer […]

Black Women of All Ages Making Gray Hair Wigs a Growing Trend, and Buying From Black-Owned Vendors

Black women wearing gray hair wigs

Nationwide — African American women who are still in their 30s and 40s are successfully setting the trend of intentionally graying their hair. Some are dyeing their hair gray and […]

Meet the Couple Whose New Platform Connects Black-Owned Businesses in Costa Rica

Ian and Dawn James, founders of CostaRicaBlackPages

Nationwide — Successful communities are those united with common goals and visions. There are hundreds of Afro-Latino and Black businesses in Costa Rica; however, Ian and Dawn James noticed that […]

Black TV Chef, Owner of Multiple Restaurants Reveals How to Master Southern Cooking Even If You’re from the North

Chef Justin Sutherland

Nationwide — Superstar restaurateur and chef Justin Sutherland has launched a tour of American Southern cuisine shaped by his upbringing in the Northern Midwest and the South and by his […]

Black Mom & Daughter Duo Write a Children’s Book Focusing on the Beauty of Growing Food

Stacey and Paige Woodson

Nationwide — Stacey Woodson, a registered dietitian, food activist, and HBCU graduate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has partnered with her 10-year-old daughter, Paige, to write and release Grow. Eat. Repeat. A […]

Two African American Developers Approved to Restore Famous Black Historic Center in Fort Myers, Florida

McCollum Hall

The developers are working on the historic building to bring it back to glory. Nationwide — McCollum Hall, a historical site and commercial center in Dunbar, was built in 1938 […]

Entrepreneur Launches Florida's First Ever Black-Owned Selfie Museum and Showroom

Carissa Glanton

Nationwide — Meet Carissa Glanton, curator of the first Black-owned Selfie Showroom in the state of Florida. With more than a decade of experience as a professional photographer, Carissa, a.k.a. […]

Black Author Shocked, Book Publisher Prints a Photo of Hitler Inside His Memoir With Nazi Symbols on Every Page

Ash Cash's book with Hitler teachings inside

Nationwide — Ash Cash Exantus, an African American author from Harlem, New York City, and one of the top financial educators in the country, was completely caught off guard when […]

Entrepreneur Launches Technology-Driven, Customized Black-Owned Life Insurance Platform

Sam Ayeni, founder and CEO of Afrikare

Nationwide — Meet Sam Ayeni, founder and CEO of Afrikare Life, a Black-owned company that has developed an easy life insurance platform and other financial solutions to help working-class people […]

Partnership to Boost One Million Black-Owned Ecommerce Brands With Cross-Promotional Technology

Black-owned businesses being promoted on Goodcarts

Operation HOPE and Shopify team with GoodCarts to empower one million Black businesses in the e-commerce arena so they can grow and win together. Nationwide — Minneapolis-based GoodCarts is proud […]

Father and Son Duo Launch First-Ever Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company

Oronde and Kendall Booker

Nationwide — Meet Oronde Booker and his 14-year-old son, Kendall, who are making history as the founders of  Book Dawg Sports, the first ever Black-owned athletic supply company. Based in […]

Black Doctor From Fort Worth Texas Opens Telemedicine and Walk-In Clinic to Address Healthcare Disparities

Dr. Patricia Harris, founder of Extra Care Concerns

Nationwide — Dr. Patricia Harris, a Primary Care Physician and the founder and CEO of ExtraCare Concerns, a Black-owned healthcare facility in Fort Worth, Texas, is helping local residents to […]

Mom Whose Son Inspired Her to Write Books For Black Kids Has Secured Government Contracts After Losing Corporate Job

B. Jane Turnquest with son

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency Nationwide — When B. Jane Turnquest’s 20-year corporate career came to an abrupt halt during the pandemic, she unleashed her inner author and began […]

Middle School Teacher Turned Self-Made Millionaire Helping Black Authors Become Six-Figure Storytellers

Jasmine Womack, Middle School Teacher turned entrepreneur

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency Nationwide — Jasmine Womack, an Atlanta-area mom and former middle school teacher, has earned over a million dollars on a single platform by coaching […]

Black Award-Winning Filmmaker and Author Launches a New Kind of OTT Streaming Platform

Kanithea Powell, founder of QFN TV

Nationwide — Kanithea Powell, founder/CEO, launches her new OTT streaming platform QFN TV with a hearty slate of uniquely curated content from a fresh, vulnerable, and eclectic perspective. QFN will […]

Target Expands Deal with Best-Selling Black Doll Company Founded by an 8-Year-Old Girl and Her Mom

Esi Orijin, 8-year old founder of Orijin Bees

The Best-Selling Dolls Are Now Available in Target Locations Across 40 US States Nationwide — Since launching on Target.com last year, Orijin Bees will expand their partnership by now offering […]

Meet the Entrepreneur Helping Black-Owned Businesses Raise $1.5 Billion in Funding

Sharifah Hardie, founder of Support My Black Business

Black entrepreneurs can now grow their businesses with the help of a new crowdfunding platform called SupportMyBlackBusiness.org Nationwide — Meet Sharifah Hardie, the founder and CEO of the newly launched […]

Black Woman Entrepreneur, From the Stripper Pole to Owning a Million Dollar Trucking Business

Ashley Thomas

Nationwide — Meet Ashley Thomas, a successful entrepreneur who has completely transformed from a life of stripping, pimping, and prostitution to founding the nation’s first Black woman-owned transportation call center […]

Founder of Black-Owned Luxury Nude Footwear Shoe Line Celebrates 4 Years in Business

Janeba Barrie

Nationwide — Jeneba Barrie, the founder and CEO of Dallas, Texas-based Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear, a diverse and inclusive luxury skin-tone (nude) shoe line, is celebrating four years of business.

Young Black Couple From DC on a Mission to Help Entrepreneurs Build Wealth in Cannabis and Crypto

Tre'Von and Mercedes Dorsey, founders of CEED

Nationwide — 31-year-old Tre’Von Dorsey and his wife, 34-year-old Mercedes Teasley-Dorsey, are the founders of CEED, a Black-owned AI-backed, cloud-based digital ecosystem built to help other Black entrepreneurs and innovators […]

10-Year-Old Black Girl Makes History, Lands Major Book Distribution Deal in Hundreds of Stores

Nyla Johnson, author of First Day of Kindergarten book

Nationwide — Nyla Johnson, a 10-year-old author and entrepreneur from Rochester, Michigan, is celebrating that her books are being distributed and sold at more than 250 Meijer store locations across […]

Black Woman with Doctorate Degree Makes History, Wins 3 Pageant Titles in One Year

Dr. Chanell Dingle-Sermon

Nationwide — Meet Dr. Chanell Dingle-Sermon, an African American woman from Columbia, South Carolina who holds a Doctor of Education degree, and has made history by becoming a three-time pageant […]