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Monday, August 30, 2021

Aunt Arrested After Her Niece and Nephew’s Bodies Were Found in Her Car

Nicole Michelle Johnson

Baltimore, MD — Nicole Michelle Johnson, a 33-year old woman from Baltimore, is facing multiple charges for the horrific deaths of her niece and nephew whose remains were found by police in the trunk of her car during a traffic stop.

Last month, Johnson was pulled over for speeding and was also found that she didn’t have a license and insurance and her temporary tag was fake.

As the police were checking the trunk of her car, a plastic trash bag was found and a strong “decomposition odor” came up. Johnson tried to use a blanket to cover the suitcase inside the trash bag but officers ordered her to open it. That’s when “the decomposing body of a young child” was exposed, the documents noted, according to CNN.

Johnson tried to escape at that moment but was quickly caught. Officers searched the trunk further and found another plastic bag containing the remains of another child.

The remains were confirmed to be of Johnson’s niece 7-year old Joshlyn, who had apparently been dead for more than a year and her brother, 5-year old Larry, who died about two months. She allegedly drove around with the dead children for months.

Since 2019, Johnson had custody of the two children as her sister and the mother of the children, Dachelle Johnson, said she couldn’t take care of them. The children’s grandmother said she last saw them on Christmas of 2019 and they looked malnourished at that time.

Meanwhile, Johnson is charged with two counts each of first-degree felony child abuse, first-degree felony child abuse resulting in death, misdemeanor neglect of a minor, misdemeanor failure to report the death of a child, and the unauthorized burial of a body as a misdemeanor.