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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Launching New Streaming Platform to Showcase Independent Black Productions

X On Demand Seeks to Change the Game for Black Filmmakers and Content Creators

Rashidah De Vore, founder of X on Demand

Rashidah De Vore, founder of X on Demand

New York, NY — With the ease of access to film and television shows online and streaming services on the rise this year, there are few markets in the field that have yet to be covered – but outlets exclusively for Black creators to call home still fall low on the Google search list. X On Demand seeks to change that.

X On Demand (xod.tv) will be a Netflix-esque platform dedicated to showcasing works by Black filmmakers and content creators – with a host of features, being kept under wraps until its release by X On Demand Founder and CEO Rashidah De Vore, that are said to set it apart in the social interaction arena from other streaming services currently available.

“We’re very blessed to live in an age where such emphasis is being put on the need for representation of people of color in media, but there is still a void in the entertainment field where Black creators and their work continue to fall through the cracks or be passed up for projects deemed to be more ‘mainstream’ friendly,” says Rashidah who is a writer herself, “I think that there are more than enough talented Black creators deserving of a shot at having their work seen on a grand scale, that are not being provided that opportunity – my hope is for X On Demand to be the platform that does.”

X On Demand will launch later this month, and will be accepting content to add to its lineup on an ongoing basis. Black filmmakers and creators are invited to submit their completed works for consideration to X On Demand at xod.tv/submit. For any projects that gain the attention of the X On Demand team, the creator(s) will be contacted to discuss bringing their work to X On Demand and its higly competitive payment structure for contributors.


About X On Demand:
X On Demand, Inc. (xod.tv), a subsidiary of X Marks The Black Holdings, Inc. (xmarkstheblack.com), is an online entertainment streaming platform dedicated to showcasing works by Black filmmakers and content creators.


Rashidah De Vore
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