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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Actor Columbus Short Apologizes For Saying That Black Women Are ‘Untrainable’

Columbus Short

Nationwide — Actor Columbus Short has issued an apology after he strongly insinuated in a clip on The Unqualified AF podcast that Black women are untrainable and do not respect Black men. In his apology, he said “I realize that I seriously offended my black women. My answer was lengthy and that clip was sizzling, I guess. I should’ve been smarter and not falling into those traps. The real answer was, I was talking about the new generation, on social media and entitlement.”

He also added, “It was deeper than that answer, I am truly sorry if that offended anybody. My opinion is not always neccessary.”

Here’s the video clip of what he said about Black women:

During his controversial rant, he said, “There is no respect of the Black man by Black women. I’m not talking about all of y’all, there’s a majority of you guys that was raised without a father so you have no respect for that. So that’s the difference. That Mexican side, that Asian—Korean, Japanese — that other side… Culturally, those women were taught to hold down but it’s more than subservient, it’s don’t get it twisted; I know how to cuss a man out thoroughly but as soon you done cussing him out, you still making dinner, you still washing clothes, you still cleaning the house; that’s just what you were trained to do. I’m not saying it’s all Black women.”

He added, “That kind of training, It’s a different energy.”

Short, who is 41 years old, is best known for his roles in various movies including Cadillac Records, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, and War of the Worlds. He also has a history of domestic abuse and has been romantically linked in the past to Britney Spears. His current wife, Aida Abramyan, is Armenian.