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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Black Entrepreneur Creates First Ever Social Networking App to Bridge Wealth Gap

Darren Walker, founder BEAN NOW app

Darren Walker, founder of the BEAN Now app

New Orleans, LABEAN Now, the social networking app designed to foster relationships and connect members of the African American community, has launched its free app for iOS and Android. BEAN, or the Black Economic Advancement Network, is a sleek and intuitive app that was created to harness the existing wealth and resources of the Black community. BEAN was designed with the future of economics in mind and serves as a hub for local business owners, entrepreneurs and networking.

BEAN Now enables users to swipe to connect with local Black-owned businesses, network with entrepreneurs and professionals, and gain useful tools to start new businesses. Businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from increased revenues and profits, and social validation from peers by engaging in activity on the app. While many social media apps allow users to connect with like-minded people with common interests, BEAN is the first app designed specifically to meet the economic needs of the black community around the world.

Entrepreneur and founder Darren Walker was inspired to create BEAN after reading an alarming statistic that African-Americans lag behind other racial groups in terms of upward economic mobility despite having the 16th largest buying power globally. As a Louisiana native and the youngest of six kids, Walker understood firsthand the challenges that many in his community face to gain access to networking opportunities that lead to advancement. BEAN’s purpose is to create a digital infrastructure that allows users to easily support black owned businesses. In addition, BEAN educates budding entrepreneurs and encourages young people to launch their own businesses.

“There is a growing desire to support Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs within the community, but without a digital platform, it is difficult to know how you can support and easily identity those businesses. BEAN Now provides a safe, trusted platform that will bridge that gap, while creating new opportunities for users,” says Walker.

BEAN Now offers a free membership as well as premium memberships, which unlocks a number of exclusive offers. To learn more visit www.iambean.us and download the app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.


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