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Friday, January 15, 2021

Both HBCU Graduates, These Siblings Are Surgeons Working at the Same Hospital

Drs. Charis and Wesley Chambers, siblings who are Black surgeon

Columbus, GA — Meet Dr. Charis Chambers and Dr. Wesley C. Chambers, siblings who are both surgeons who work at the same hospital in Columbus, Georgia. Recently, they shared a remarkable experience after they worked together to successfully perform surgery on a patient.

Dr. Charis shared the special moment on her Instagram, posting a photo of them with the caption, “Getting to do surgery on any day is an amazing experience. Getting to do surgery with my brother- even more amazing!”

She was thankful for the support and partnership her brother has given her when they teamed up in the operating room to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy together.

“This was performed at our local hospital where me, my Dad, and brother are all credentialed surgeons. We are all Board Certified OBGYNs.”

The father-and-children trio, who are HBCU graduates, now work together at their family practice, Chambers OBGYN in Georgia. Dr. Charis is grateful for her father who encouraged her to pursue a career in the medical field like him.

“My father was the first physician that I ever knew and he spoke to us often about his work,” she told Because of Them We Can. I loved how passionate he was about serving his patients and improving their lives with medical or surgical treatment.”