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Thursday, February 17, 2022

History-Making 1st Black Woman to Own a Natural Hair Care Patent Reveals How to Have the Hair You Want

Gwen Jimmere

Nationwide — In her new book, Everything You Know About Hair Is Wrong, Gwen Jimmere, the founder and CEO of Naturalicious, delivers a mini masterclass on natural hair. Known as the world’s leading expert on textured hair care, she made history in 2015 when she became the first Black woman to own a patent for natural hair care products.

Gwen comments, “It crushes my heart to hear our women say their hair is ‘too much’ or ‘unprofessional.’ This book is my love letter to natural queens around the world. It’s my contribution to ensuring that every Black woman and girl knows that she IS the standard of beauty.”

Many Black women have been struggling to manage their hair, and it’s completely unnecessary. Information stitched together from various blogs and videos online marketplace don’t stand up to the expert-level knowledge broken down into easily digestible bite-sized pieces in Jimmere’s book.

“In just one reading, you can reverse all of the misinformation you’ve learned over a lifetime,” she adds. “This book is everything you need to be well on your way to achieving the luxurious, show-stopping hair that you’ve been dreaming of.”

Intentionally launched during Black History Month, the book promises to help Black women avoid the pitfalls that force many into debilitating love-hate relationships with their coils.

It’s 136-pages of unforgettable power-packed teachings and “Aha” moments written in clear, easy-to-understand language for aspiring, new, and seasoned naturalistas.

The book kicks off with a chapter titled “What I Wish I’d Known,” where Gwen shares insight from her hair journey and the confessions of tens of thousands of Black women who confide in her about their natural hair challenges.

Moisture retention, one of the top three issues when it comes to caring for natural hair, gets its own chapter. Spoiler alert: Not moisturizing or failing to moisturize properly guarantees breakage, split ends, irreparable damage, and heartache.

Gwen also tackles harmful fads sensationalized by social media, such as co-washing – the practice of only using conditioner to wash your hair.

And she refutes bad advice about shedding, the necessity for expensive products, and what it really takes to achieve a healthy, jealousy-inducing crown that Black women can be proud of.

Everything You Know About Hair Is Wrong culminates with a powerful affirmation, and a listing of critical do’s and don’ts.

And in its final lines, readers are gifted complimentary access to Gwen’s popular five-day video course designed to help them kick start their hair goals.

If you’re tired of being on the natural hair struggle bus, this book is for you. Get the limited print or audiobook edition at Naturalicious.net/book

For more information about Gwen Jimmere or Naturalicious, visit Naturalicious.net or contact pr@naturalicious.net