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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

14-Year-Old Black Girl From Florida Graduates From College

Keniah Washington

Nationwide — Keniah Washington, a 14-year-old African American girl from Tampa, Florida, recently made headlines by graduating from Saint Leo University with a 3.0 GPA. She earned her associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, showing exceptional dedication to her studies at a young age.

Keniah’s journey began in 6th grade when she started taking high school courses online while attending Icon Preparatory School, according to USA Today. Recognizing her academic prowess, teachers enrolled her in a dual-enrollment program at Saint Leo University, providing her with extra support through tutoring.

Managing a rigorous schedule, Keniah faced challenges balancing her coursework. This commitment meant missing out on typical high school events but she remained focused on her goal.

“My biggest challenge was being on track and not trying to fall behind,” she explained. “I was missing out on prom and homecoming — everything other people experienced in high school. But I told myself that… I’m doing the high school courses now so I can finish school early, so it doesn’t really matter if I go to prom. I just kept [encouraging] myself.

Keniah’s mother, Thomesha Hawkins, described the graduation ceremony as a profoundly emotional moment. She expressed immense pride and excitement, emphasizing the significance of Keniah’s accomplishment at such a young age.

Looking ahead, Keniah has been accepted into nursing programs and plans to start her studies in the fall with the goal of becoming a neonatologist.

“It’s a perfect fit for her because she is someone that has a big heart. She loves children,” Hawkins said. “The world needs her. The medical field will definitely benefit from her in that field. I know she is going to make a difference.”

Excited about her future, Keniah looks forward to attending college in the fall, eager to engage with peers in a professional classroom setting. She dreams of experiencing college life fully, including living on campus and exploring different parts of the world.