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Monday, November 16, 2015

New Lifestyle Blog Coaches Black Men on Style, Grooming and Personal Improvement

Letroy Woods, founder of Man Become Style Blog

Letroy Woods, founder of “Man Become Style” Blog

Nationwide — Fuse Billy D. Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Gordan Parks, Marvin Gaye, Malcolm X and the countless black men who have pioneered a unique and exquisite sense of style in all arenas and you get Man Becomes Style, a trendsetting lifestyle blog on style, grooming and personal improvement for black men.

Man Becomes Style encourages African American men to develop and nurture habits of good taste, individual style and gentlemanly etiquette, that supports a rewarding personal and professional life. It is charismatic for its subtle persuasion to set aside boyish behavior and adopt manly charm. This blog teaches men how to build their wardrobe, esteem and confidence so that they may step out in any occasion looking and feeling ‘as easy as Sunday morning’.

African American men can visit the blog to get advice, tips, techniques, recommendation and reviews on grooming, attire, fitness and personal development from experts. Their information is insightful and entertaining with a light-hearted spirit and brotherhood approach.

However, it’s not all about style, Man Becomes Style also encompasses cultural elements, modern trends and traditional values to address real life personal and professional concerns such as relationships, health, parenting, careers and other topics that are intrinsic to the lifestyle of today’s modern man. Their mission is to provide a motivational and supportive platform where African American men can find crucial information that is relevant and specifically relates to them.

As the experiences, perspectives and values of a culture are innate to that culture, Man Becomes Style aims to address the aforementioned topics from the perspective of a black male, whether it’s hairstyles, fashion trends, history, social issues or other.

Most of all, Man Becomes Style is about creating a personal image that leads to success in business and life. It brings black men together like no other blog does, by sharing information that is essential to developing confidence within themselves.

Dedicated to men of all ages, whether young or old there is a lot to be learned from Man Becomes Style. Visit the blog now at www.manbecomesstyle.com


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