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Monday, June 12, 2017

Former Crack Addict of 16 Years Turned Therapist Explains the Substance Abuse Cycle — From Childhood to Adulthood

ML Holly, author of Swimming in Addiction

M. L. Holly, former crack addict turned therapist and author of “Swimming in Addiction”

Nationwide — If you are looking for a book about addiction and recovery that is different from the other books, Swimming in Addiction is the one. Author M. L. Holly has taken a totally different approach explaining the start of substance abuse from her own childhood before she knew what it was. Her writing immediately pulls you in from the first chapter. She perfectly describes every detail so vividly you will feel as if you are walking this journey with her.

After sixteen years as a crack addict, Holly took the path of sobriety seriously and never looked back at a crack pipe again. During her 22 plus years of recovery she learned how family dysfunction, DNA and poor choices easily led her to the path of personal destruction as early as childhood. SheHolly also earned three college degrees and numerous awards throughout her journey in college.

Unlike the rich and famous who are in and out of rehabs or constantly relapsing only to end up as guests on talk shows, Holly wanted those who cannot afford $50,000 per month for rehabilitation to know that they don’t need fame or a lot of money to beat addiction. The only thing they need is determination to make a change and the fight for survival.

As a therapist specializing in alcohol and drugs, her past has proven to be a useful tool with her clients. Many substance abusers often feel a sense of relief knowing that they are talking to someone who knows the ropes of addiction and alcoholism. Holly has found that her personal journey also has been helpful to family and friends of substance abusers as well. Although they may not always take her advice, it is hard to dispute the words of someone who nearly died at gunpoint because of her drug use and marriages to drug addicts and dealers.

She comments, “Recovery does exist and is possible. However, the journey never ends!”

Interested ones can contact M. L. Holly at 423-637-2356, mlholly1958@yahoo.com or connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ml.holly.7


Book Details:
Swimming in Addiction by M. L. Holly, MS
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Amazon
ISBN-10: 1515127060
ISBN-13: 978-1515127062
Available on Amazon.com


M. L. Holly, MS
Author, Co-Occurring Therapist, Speaker