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Thursday, January 31, 2019

New AbBo-Owned Health & Wellness System Focuses on Range of Motion, Flexibility, and Natural Body Alignment Using Stretch


Denver, CO — Aging is inevitable. The aging process is a part of life that leads most to anticipate aches, pain, stiffness, and even arthritis. Our bodies can be conditioned to offset the progressive physical discomfort, if and when we decide to be consistent. MentFlexX is a science of meditative stretch and isolated flexing techniques that allows various stretching positions to strengthen the core and realign the body internally.

In the United States, Physical Education is an integral part of school curriculum up until the completion of high school. PE classes and youth sports programs require participants to stretch before and after long periods of exertion to protect against cramping and muscle fatigue. Strangely, despite being introduced early on to stretching as a necessary step of any workout’s warm-up and cool-down, most adults abandon the practice entirely. For many, stretch is reintroduced by physical therapists in exercises to address personal injuries, joint and muscle pain.

MentFlexX is a discipline and an art form much like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts. The MentFlexX regimen, described by instructors as a work-in, is comprised of movements, the stretch, and flexing repetitions, designed in a sequence that helps realign the body and improve circulation. As a practice, MentFlexX, aims to enhance flexibility and muscle tone, correct body alignment, increase strength and range of motion, improve energy and vitality, while balancing the metabolism. And while improving circulation and flexibility – in this manner – can also lead to weight reduction, improved flexibility can rehabilitate injuries and help the body protect itself from further tissue damage. And this is, perhaps, the best benefit of all.


About MentFlexX Inc.
MentFlexX, Inc. was founded in Denver in 1990. The healthcare organization has since served to improve overall health by improving flexibility through a program of integrated stretch. Now offering a range of health services, instruction, and support, the organization welcomes clients of any age. MentFlexX Inc. is committed to helping a growing community remain self-motivated while achieving wellness and fitness.

For more information about MentFlexX, visit www.MentFlexX.com

To learn more about MentFlexX, subscribe to their YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/c/MentFlexX


MentFlexX Inc.