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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Book Puts an Urban Twist on the Classic Pinocchio Fairytale

UrbanToons Pinocchio


Philadelphia, PAUrbanToons Pinocchio is an urbanized retelling and new twist of the classic Pinocchio fairytale. In this version of the story, America’s favorite puppet is now being told in the city of brotherly love. There are numerous versions of the Pinocchio fairytale, however this Pinocchio classic has received an injection of modern day excitement with an urban spin.

In this adventurous retelling of the story, Sonny is an older and wiser puppet maker from Philadelphia who only has one wish in life. Now Pinocchio is alive and Sonny is trying to keep him safe and on the right path in the streets of Philly.

UrbanToons Pinocchio is an exquisitely illustrated story with vivid characters that children can identify with. The story is told in a setting that they will be fascinated by. This urbanized classic fairytale will capture children’s attention, and ignite their imaginations to create the ultimate reading experience.

When asked what inspired him to retell the Pinocchio story, Ki’el Ebon Ibrahim, founder of UrbanToons, said: “We wanted to uplift and give children of color characters that they can look up to and be inspired by.”

The book was illustrated and published by UrbanToons, and individuals who purchase the book will not only be giving their children the thrill of an inspiring and captivating story, but they will also be making a contribution to end hunger in Africa. This will be achieved as the publisher donates $1 towards the World Food Program, which feeds four children in Africa through Ibrahim’s Food for Art Program.

Hard copies of UrbanToons Pinocchio are available online at www.UrbanToons.com, and the eBook format is available on Amazon.com and iTunes.

For more information about the book, visit www.facebook.com/UrbanToons


Ki’el Ebon Ibrahim