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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Rapper Lil Durk’s 10-Year-Old Son Shoots His Stepfather in Defense of His Mom

Lil Durk son shoots his stepfather

Nationwide — Last week, a 10-year-old boy, the biological son of rapper Lil Durk, shot his stepfather to protect his mother during a domestic dispute, possibly related to custody issues. The incident occurred on Monday, July 1st, and was captured on video footage that has now gone viral. The footage shows the stepfather, Joshua Pippens, arguing with the boy’s mother on the sidewalk before attempting to restrain her. The boy then took a gun from Pippens’ hip and aimed it at him as the argument moved into the street. Amid continued confrontation, the boy fired a single shot, causing Pippens to fall to the ground. The event, captured with audible screams and a gunshot, has garnered significant attention.

From his hospital bed, Pippens shared his side of the story on social media, asserting he was not the aggressor and that the boy acted under his mother’s influence. He claimed the mother encouraged her son to take the gun and shoot him. “I still had my gun on my hip. He grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried to shoot me and then actually shot me,” Pippens wrote on Instagram.

Despite blaming the boy’s mother for the incident, Pippens expressed continued affection for the child. He recounted how he had supported the boy by buying him gifts and paying for activities, expressing disbelief that the child would shoot him. “I never in a million years thought a kid I bought 4 wheelers and paid for football leagues and everything would do this, but he only knows what mom shows him,” Pippens lamented. He reiterated his criticism of the mother, emphasizing his love for the child and his custody of other children.

Pippens indicated he would not pursue legal action despite the incident being witnessed by multiple family members, including his children. He stated that if any arrests were to be made, they would have already occurred. “Nobody is going to jail or they would already be there. I’m doing this for rights over my kids,” he wrote. Pippens described the incident occurring in front of his mother, grandmother, and other children, stressing his focus on gaining custody rather than seeking retribution.

The incident has stirred public discourse, but Lil Durk, who has nine other children, has not yet made any public statements regarding the shooting. The lack of comment from Durk adds to the ongoing speculation and concern surrounding the family dynamics and future legal implications.

As the situation develops, the focus remains on the well-being of all involved, particularly the child, whose actions have sparked significant controversy and highlighted the complex nature of familial disputes and custody battles.