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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trailblazing Real Estate Expert Melanie Gamble’s New Book Reveals the Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color

Melanie Gamble, author of Unintended Consequences

Melanie Gamble, author of Unintended Consequences

Nationwide — Home is where the heart is, but you have to use your head. That’s the simple, but sound advice from trailblazing real estate expert and broker Melanie Gamble, whose new book Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color is packed with powerful tips to help potential homeowners make smart decisions about their greatest asset.

“I wrote this book because I am passionate about educating communities of color in the areas of real estate and finances. My people perish for lack of knowledge,” Gamble says. “I’m not necessarily looking for the dollar today. The real estate business is more than transactional. It’s about having a relationship. I firmly believe that if I help you today then you will remember me for life.”

Gamble believes that a home is where people will raise their families, live life and make lasting memories. But she says it is also the place to build equity and wealth for their futures.

Gamble, who shares her trademark real estate secrets in her new book, is regarded as one of the highest-producing agents in the country. Her Re/MAX franchise and 212 Degrees Realty LLC have helped thousands of clients make smart decisions about their homes.

Unintended Consequences is for millennials to senior citizens. The book begins with the chapter, “A Look Back to Move Forward,” which explores how the Great Depression adversely affected Americans, particularly the poor and minorities, and the similarities associated with the Great Recession in 2008. Other chapters in the informative 143-page paperback include “Dismantling the Wealth Gap,” “The Art of Developing a Millionaire Mindset,” “An Investment in Our Communities” and “Shifting from Homeowner to Investor.”

In her book, Gamble also encourages readers to have a diversified investment portfolio, and says homeowners should view their home as an investment, not an emotional attachment. They should know their credit score, salary and how much it costs to live every month.

She comments, “I hope you will consider Unintended Consequences and Melanie Gamble for review, interview, or a feature on debut authors. And if you post on social media, please use the hashtag #UnintendedConsequencestheBook.”


Book Details:
Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color
By Melanie Gamble
Urban Rose Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 978-0578192932
Available on Amazon.com


About the Author
Melanie Gamble is an author, speaker, real estate expert and entrepreneur. As the owner of a RE/MAX franchise and 212 Degrees Realty, LLC, Melanie is supported by a team of highly-trained and committed realtors in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia markets. Named as one of the highest-producing real estate agents in the nation, Gamble and her united team help clients successfully buy and sell homes.

For Gamble, helping people own and keep their homes is not only a business endeavor, but also a personal passion and spiritual mission. As a breast cancer survivor, Gamble is acutely aware of how precious life and time are for all of us; she seeks to help others realize their dreams and make the most of what they are given.

A two-time graduate of Florida A & M University. Gamble holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. While in graduate school, Gamble because the first woman and youngest Executive Director of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators. Her proudest moment came during the 1994 legislative session when she had the opportunity to work with the descendants of Rosewood. She lobbied exceptionally hard for the introduction and passage of the Rosewood bill, which awarded the descendants of Rosewood, FL more than $3 million in reparations.

Gamble is a John C. Maxwell-certified coach, teacher and speaker who is committed to helping all women regardless of their age, race or socioeconomic status. In addition to her busy work life, she regularly volunteers at organizations dedicated to children, women and health, including Doctor’s Community Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network and her own non-profit, Esther’s Closet, which donates new and gently-used prom gowns and accessories to young women.

In addition to Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color, Gamble is co-author with renowned author and coach Jack Canfield in the book The Big Secret.

When Gamble gets those rare precious moments of “me time,” she enjoys cozying up to a good book, shopping and giving herself a little spa rejuvenation. She is eternally grateful to her husband, Jay, who has always had the strength to allow her to shine and flourish, being a true partner and friend along the way. Gamble and her husband enjoy life with their three sons in Maryland.


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