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Monday, April 6, 2020

Black State of America Movement Provides Plan for Blacks to Mobilize for Reparations

Black State of America by Rs L.D.J.

Author Rs L.D.J. and his bookcover

Dover, DE — Reparations for Blacks in America is not a new concept, yet specific plans for how to acquire them without intervention from the government are scarce. In Black State of America: Black Reparations, author Rs L.D.J gives a detailed and actionable strategy. Many movements focus on equitable opportunities and power for Blacks, but they look to the federal government for funding and support.

Black State of America is a self-reliant plan for social and financial independence. It is a blueprint for reverse migration, in order to establish Black majority states. Within the Black majority states, Blacks will control of all aspects of their local government. L.D.J. highlights factual data about the social, educational and economic dynamics which affect the mobilization of Black Melamericans. The term, Melamerican, describes people of African and Indigenous ancestry.

Instead of complaining and depending on the disparate power structure, the author stresses the importance of Blacks mobilizing to ensure control at each level of government. “Black State of America” challenges Black people to dispel false perceptions and misinformation while intentionally using their own resources.

“White women are, and have been projected to be the majority demographic in America. Why then are they still considered a ‘minority’”? L.D.J. asks as a challenge to mainstream propaganda. “The purpose is to continue to keep economic, strategic, community, educational and health related resources out of the hands of Black Americans. There can be no other logical reason for this perversely evil redistribution of wealth to white women, in America. Your Black tax dollars fund their illegitimate ‘minority’ status.”

This profound guidebook shares an eye-opening perspective about the origins and evolution of systematic racism, and how its tenets have shaped a life of privilege for the majority while stifling minorities. It tackles controversial topics with unapologetic candor. The five goals of Fate, Participate, Donate, Migrate and Black State are explored, with emphasis on learning the need for Solidarity, Wisdom, Ideology, Freedom and Trust. L.D.J. outlines a plan for how Blacks can overtake at least 10 states within a five-year period with responsible, non-violent action.

Black State of America: Black Reparations is available from all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target. Follow and engage with BlackStateofAmerica.com on Twitter @BlackStateofUSA. Drop your email address in the comments of the pinned post to receive a free Word .docx copy of the book.


About Rs L.D.J.
Rising from an upbringing rife with poverty, domestic violence and drugs, Rs L.D.J. aims to stop the perpetual cycle of accepting less than what is deserved. As a Black man in America, he has firsthand knowledge of the social ills that affect the progress and prosperity of his community. He has experienced arrests, attempts on his life and eventual redemption and rebirth. L.D.J.’s purpose is to not to gain wealth, but to disseminate information that will improve the lives of all Black Americans.


Rs L.D.J.