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Monday, July 1, 2024

18-Year-Old Black Teen Crochets Her Own Prom Dress With Matching Handbag

Sarah Akinbuwa

Nationwide — Meet Sarah Akinbuwa, an 18-year-old African American teenager from Somerville, Massachusetts who took the spotlight with her handmade prom dress. A video of herself on social media crocheting the dress which was inspired by Zendaya’s iconic look at the 2023 SAG Awards has gone viral.

In just 2 days, Sarah meticulously crafted 100 roses for the dress’s bottom section. She then completed the entire gown in just one more day.

Sarah documented her dress-making journey on TikTok, where her video quickly amassed nearly 27 million views.

“To make something yourself, it’s very unique. So I did know I was going to get complements and views from it, but I didn’t think it was going to blow up,” Akinbuwa told WCVB.

One of her biggest admirers was her fashion role model, Law Roach, known for styling celebrities like Zendaya and a lot more, who commented, “So cute.”

“It’s crazy it was him because he’s an icon coming to know my clothing, my design, and saying it’s cute,” Akinbuwa said. “I was in tears.”

Moreover, Sarah’s drive and creativity are inspired by her parents, Nigerian immigrants who moved to Somerville seeking a better future. She’s determined to keep pushing forward in her fashion journey.

This fall, Sarah plans to attend Framingham State University, aiming to study fashion design or business. Her dream is to open a clothing store named Oyinda’s, honoring her Nigerian heritage and first name.