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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

4-Year Old Girl Brings Home Crack Cocaine She Got from Daycare

Sabrina Straker and her daughter, Serenity

Sabrina Straker and her daughter, Serenity

Bronx, NY — A 4-year old girl named Serenity tested positive for crack cocaine that she brought home from her daycare in New York City. Sabrina Straker, the girl’s mother, was shocked when her daughter told her that she put a capsule of the drug in her mouth. Disappointed, Straker wants the daycare closed.

On Friday, Serenity came went home from Lil Inventors Child Care unusually acting hyper and with capsules in her hand, Straker said. She told her that another kid in the daycare gave her his “teeth,” but when she looked at the capsules, she knew something was wrong.

Straker immediately went to the local precinct to bring the capsules. After running some tests, narcotics detectives confirmed that the capsules were crack cocaine.

Serenity was rushed to the hospital, where she tested positive for the drugs. Serenity had put one of the capsules in her mouth, but thankfully, she spat it out.

“She could have died if she ingested this,” Straker told PIX News. “I was furious.”

Lil Inventors Child Care Director Yvette Joseph said someone allegedly threw the capsules over the fence and one of the kids picked it up.

“We checked our center thoroughly and all of the children are safe,” Joseph said.

Police are now investigating the incident which they consider an endangering the welfare of a child case. They are looking at all the angles, including the family of the child who handed the capsule to Serenity.

Meanwhile, Straker wants the daycare closed, saying that they were not watching the children thoroughly.

“No one was watching the children,” she said. “There are 15 kids in the room with two teachers and two aides, where were they when this was going on?”

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