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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Young Entrepreneur With Autism Opens Black-Owned Nail School Just 8 Months After Opening a Beauty Bar

Aaliyah Alicia Thompson

Nationwide — Meet Aaliyah Alicia Thompson, a 21-year-old African American woman with autism from Hampton, Georgia, who has defied stereotypes and achieved incredible success as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Just eight months after opening a beauty bar, she is now celebrating having opened her very own nail school.

Aaliyah has always been passionate about the beauty industry, but she recognized that many individuals still face barriers to chasing their dreams, including limited access and resources. With this in mind, she embarked on a mission to open a nail school that catered to people of all abilities, from neurotypical individuals to those with diverse needs.

Aaliyah’s dedication to inclusivity has caught the attention of many in the beauty industry, including McDonald’s Black & Positively Golden Change Leaders program, where she currently serves as an ambassador. She is currently being featured in a McDonald’s commercial that is being aired nationally on BET and other networks with actress/ TV personality Keke Palmer.

Despite facing numerous physical and mental challenges along the way, Aaliyah remained steadfast in her goal. She says that her mission has always been to create a more inclusive environment in both education and work. Her nail school offers special training sessions to accommodate individuals with different abilities, and she also employs individuals on the spectrum to work in her nail school, giving them valuable career and life skills.

This groundbreaking achievement in the beauty industry makes Aaliyah an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Her passion and hard work have paid off with the establishment of her own nail school, just eight months after opening her own beauty bar.

With the support of several experienced State Board of Georgia Licensed Educators who have committed to volunteer one day a week, Thompson’s nail school is sure to be an exciting and successful venture.

Her nail school, which is called Aaliyah Alicia Thompson School of Nails, is located at 184 North Avenue, Jonesboro, GA. The business can be reached at (404) 259-6598.

Her beauty bar is called Aaliyah’s Beauty Bar and is located at 3797 Hwy 138, Stockbridge, GA. This business can be reached at (678) 604-6809.

For more details about her beauty bar, her nail school, and her partnership with McDonald’s, follow her on Instagram @AaliyahBeautyBar

For press inquiries or media interview requests, contact aaliyahbeautybar22 @gmail.com