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Friday, June 12, 2020

Sextuplets Who Once Appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show Just Graduated From High School

Harris family of sextuplets graduate from high school

Nationwide — The Harris family sextuplets from Alabama, who are known for being the first surviving set of Black sextuplets in the U.S., are once again making international headlines. They have all recently graduated from high school together.

The two girls, Kaylynne and Kiera, and four boys, Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran, and Kyle, just recently graduated from Center Point High School in Birmingham. A now-viral photo shows them in their complete graduation gowns and caps.

Born in July 2002, the sextuplets were conceived after their parents, Chris and Diamond Harris, decided to use fertility drugs to get pregnant. They did not initially expect to get pregnant since they had been struggling to conceive for more than two years.

However not long after they began using the fertility drugs, they were surprised to learn that Diamond was pregnant with twins. A sonogram eventually showed they were having five children. However, she gave birth to sextuplets which became the first surviving set of Black sextuplets.

In April 2007, they appeared on The Oprah Show after becoming a national sensation.

Now, they are making headlines again as they set out to take on the world as college students. They will, however, be all attending the same colleges. Kobe and Kalynne will head to Alabama State University. Kaleb and Kieran will go to Alabama A&M University. Kiera will be attending Lawson State University, and Kyle will be studying life skills at Center Point High School.

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