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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

African Americans Gaining Ground Developing Real Estate

— F. Todd Ryan Developing His Land into $4,000,000 Development. —

F. Todd Ryan

F. Todd Ryan, a graduate of the REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Certification Program

Boston, MA — Richard Michel Abraham, founder of the REDI Foundation, introduced his 6-month one-on-one mentoring certification real estate development course three years ago. At his press conference this week, he announced he would now only be able to take on and teach and groom a limited number of more students on how to develop and put together development joint ventures with investors.

One of his top students, F. Todd Ryan is developing his land into $4,000,000 mixed use development including apartments and a trendy, first floor restaurant.

Todd comments, “Success as a real estate developer is a rare gem and Mr. Abraham pushes you to shine. As much work as you put in, he will tell you, equals the result that you will get out. And, he will definitely push you to go above and beyond what you consider to be your best. With an extensive background in Chemistry, Art and Mathematics from Temple University, I still did not feel fulfilled… until I enrolled into the REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Certification Program. Imagine having someone that’s like a friend of the family, a close friend of the family who wants to passionately and wholeheartedly see you succeed as a real estate developer, fulfilling your visions. Imagine having a life coach that passionately wants to see you succeed.”

He continues, “And the icing on the cake – to have someone teaching you principles that most people wouldn’t even learn in a lifetime. The REDI Foundation has helped me to cultivate my passion and gift as a successful real estate developer. Mr. Abraham genuinely, patiently and aggressively opens up and unleashes the gift that you already had inside of you but was just dormant, waiting to be presented to the world. Not only has Mr. Abraham removed the enigmas out of the real estate developing puzzle but he has accelerated my drive to move forward with a restaurant and apartment complex development on a vacant lot that I’ve owned for the last 10 years I am now proceeding confidently with my development.”

The course attracts entrepreneurial spirited people worldwide e.g. developers, builders, architects, engineers, construction and project managers, land and property owners, land planners, real estate attorneys, doctors, owners of commercial real estate firms, business owners and entrepreneurial spirited applicants who possess a passion for real estate development and feel they have what it takes to become a real estate developer and put together development joint ventures for investors.

This 6-month program is more comprehensive than a two year Master’s degree in Real Estate Development, and tuition is less than a university Master’s degree since the REDI Foundation offers partial scholarships.

For more details, visit www.redii.org

Richard Abraham
The REDI Foundation