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Monday, October 26, 2020

Car Dealership Gifts Mom of 7 Kids With a Brand New Minivan

Lashelle Roberson, mother gifted van by car dealership

Nationwide — Lashelle Roberson, a mother of four from Buffalo, New York who has adopted three more kids after their mom died last month, has been gifted a brand new minivan from a local Ford dealership to help support her and her growing family.

This past September, her friend, Rayshionna Johnson, was shot and killed, leaving behind 3 toddlers. When Lashelle heard that the children were up for adoption, she immediately adopted them.

With 7 children now under her care, Roberson decided to find a new vehicle at the Basil Ford dealership that would fit all of them. The owner, Jim Basil, encountered Roberson and thought of doing something to help her.

Three days after, Roberson came back to Basil Ford dealership, expecting that they had put together a clothing donation. However, she was pleasantly surprised with a van as well as tablets and other gifts for the kids.

The Basil Ford staff were present to celebrate that day with Roberson for her determination to take care of her friend’s children. They said it was the least they could do to help out a good-hearted person.

“We really commend the fact that you’re adopting the three children, the toddlers, and we know it’s a major, major responsibility for you going forward,” said Jim Basil at the surprise ceremony, according to WLTX.

Roberson was beyond grateful for their generosity and said that the gift meant “everything” to her and her family. “This means the world to me,” she said.

Moreover, she said the first thing she would do with the car is take the kids out to dinner as a family, something she was unable to do before.