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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Children’s Author Stephanie Singleton Turns Reading into a Dance Party for Both Parents and Children

New African American children’s storybook and its upbeat theme song “Hey Mr. Teddy Bear” have parents reading and dancing too!

Adventures of Ryan and Riley by Stephanie Singleton

Book cover and author, Stephanie Singleton

NationwideThe Adventures of Ryan & Riley and Mr. Teddy the Teddy Bear was written for school-aged children while supporting parent’s efforts in maintaining a positive environment for children while living in today’s society.

The book tells the story of big brother Ryan and his little sister Riley along with Riley’s best friend Mr. Teddy Bear. The siblings are given an assignment by their mother, however, while on their journey they will soon be faced with a challenge that will teach them the importance of obedience, consequences, and reward. Just three of many principles that will become a part of most children’s everyday life.

The storybooks’ upbeat collaborating theme song “Hey Mr. Teddy Bear” was written and recorded within a full recording studio in Burbank, CA. The catchy lyrics and music will instantly have children and parents singing and dancing together. “Writing and singing a children’s song was a new experience for me. However, when given the opportunity to creatively produce an empowering yet mentoring tool that could provide a positive platform for children to build confidence while enjoying the freedom to express themselves through song, dance, and reading. I was inspired to take the risk,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie has traveled the storybook, its theme song, and Teddy Bear Mascot to several cities hosting book reading dance parties within various locations such as local libraries, hospitals, schools, senior adult day care, and various types of children shelters.

Stephanie is an author, hairstylist and empowerment coach currently residing in Southern California. On July 27th, 2018 at 6pm at Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA, she is set to turn the storybook into a narrative live mini stage play, which will feature 8-year old JaMaal Avery Jr (as Ryan) and 5-year old Mariana Donnelly (as Riley) and the Mr. Teddy mascot dancing to his hit single “Hey Mr. Teddy Bear.”

The production will also feature keynote speaker & performer 9-year old Princess Ja’Miyla Barber, a Stop the Bullying advocate and survivor. Ja’Miyla has been featured on the “Insider” during her Stop the Bullying campaign speaking out against the consequences and effects of bullying. She will also perform her hit single “Turn Up”, followed by a cast meet & greet and book signing.

For ticket information, to support, and/or to bring the live mini stage production to your city, visit:

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Stephanie Singleton

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