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Monday, April 15, 2019

Meet the ‘Doctor’ Who Helps Black Entrepreneurs Go Viral

Dante Lee, The Revenue Doctor

Dante Lee, the Revenue Doctor™

NationwideDante Lee is not a medical doctor, but he is known and well-respected as a Revenue Doctor™. That’s because he is a marketing genius and PR mastermind that helps  entrepreneurs promote their businesses and go viral on social media. In some cases, he has been able to help entrepreneurs receive up to 1 million shares and “likes” on Facebook – which has translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for their brands.

Marketing a business is not easy, but Lee has created a unique press release distribution service called BlackPR.com that helps entrepreneurs get their stories published in various Black newspapers, magazines, and blogs across the country. The service also helps them get potential interviews on radio and TV stations that have predominantly Black audiences.

“African Americans have an annual buying power of $1 trillion dollars,” Dante says. “But there are very few affordable services that help marketers reach these consumers. What I’ve created helps small business owners affordably and effectively reach this market.”

Lee started his company almost 20 years ago back in the year 2000, and has grown the company significantly to also include various popular news sites (like BlackNews.com, BlackBusiness.com, and BlackHistory.com) where he also features his client’s stories. He also has a huge presence on social media, and is an active contributor to several popular Facebook groups that are frequented by thousands of African American influencers.

Here are just a few stories that have gone viral thanks to Lee’s work:

Yes, Black Women Own Trucking Companies Too!
(More than 1 million shares and likes on social media)

From Homeless and Incarcerated to Becoming a Super Chef That Owns Three Restaurants!
(More than 1 million shares and likes on social media)

Introducing Brooklyn’s Newest Black-Owned Urgent Care Center
(More than 120,000 shares and likes on social media)

Black Family-Owned Vegan Restaurant, Green Love Kitchen, Celebrates Grand Reopening in Atlanta Area
(More than 60,000 shares and likes on social media)

Black-Owned Mobile Barber Shop is Just Like Uber, But For Haircuts!
(More than 750,000 shares and likes on social media)

18-Year Old Teen Entrepreneur Signs Major Deal With Target Stores – Introduces Plant-Based Skincare Giftbox!
(More than 160,000 shares and likes on social media)

Lee says that he calls himself a Revenue Doctor™ because he loves to share business ‘health’ advice. “My goal is to help ‘sick’ and ‘ailing’ businesses generate ‘healthy’ profits,” he comments. “I also can help rejuvenate ‘dying’ web sites, and I like to work hands-on with my clients so that I can craft their story in the best way possible – giving them the absolute best possible chance of going viral.”

Lee also shares valuable business advice everyday via his personal Facebook page, where he also personally responds to messages sent to him via messenger. Those who are interested in his services and his free advice should follow him at www.Facebook.com/DanteLee