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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Black Wealth Building Expert Releases National Economic Plan for African Americans

National Economic Plan for African Americans by Dr. Ralph Steele


Nationwide — Dr. Ralph Steele, an extraordinary expert on wealth building, has released a powerful new book entitled A National Economic Plan for Financial Inclusion for African Americans. It is his mission to educate individuals in theory and practice about economics, financial literacy, investments, entrepreneurship, business ownership, being debt free, financial strategies (W=me3). His favorite phrase, “wealth is a human right,” became the basis for his creation of Wealth Legacy TV in 2019, and he is currently completing a documentary called “A Cattle on a Thousand Hills” that is based on the economic renewal for inner cities.

Dr. Steele, who is also the author of How to Acquire and Keep Wealth: Wealth Think Bank, has facilitated wealth building conferences and forums for Capital One Bank, University of Texas Arlington, Richland Community College, Stillman College, Eastfield Community College, Tarrant County Community College, Black CEO Kansas City, KS, and Rolling Hills Country Hills in Arlington, TX. He has also hosted events in Ghana, Africa and in Sydney, Australia. He also was a featured speaker at another event called the Millionaire Master Plan for Business Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, NV. His influence has transformed numerous families’ lives.

Dr. Steele is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and the President of Wealth Think Bank Entrepreneurship and Investment, LLC that focuses on educating, training, coaching, mentoring and develop Black entrepreneurs. He is also the recipient of the 2015 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Award for Entrepreneurship of the Year, the March 2019 NAACP Award for the Man of Honor, and the 2019 Dorothy Norwood Community Services Award.

He has authored 17 books that pertain to mediation, wealth, and domestic violence. His books can be purchased online at www.wealththinktank.org


Dr. Ralph Steele