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Friday, November 15, 2019

Meet the Registered Nurse Who Says Every Hospital Employee Should Be Taking CBD Oil

Glennae Davis, founder of NAESVISION Health

Glennae Davis, BSN, RN, creator and founder of NAESVISION Health, National Healthcare Consultant Agency

Los Angeles, CA — Glennae E. Davis, a Registered Nurse, is pleased to announce the launch of NAESVISION Health. Davis specializes in workplace inequality and care of the African American woman. She provides health equity strategies, chronic stress education, and the recommended CBD oil – which she says is the key to preventing preventable diseases caused by chronic job stress.

This innovative nursing platform is improving clinical outcomes for vulnerable population(s) and reducing the cost of ineffectively coping with workplace inequality for the employee, the government, and state hospitals.

NAESVISION Health is masterfully designed to better assist qualified individuals dealing with chronic job-related stress. Davis says that she has discovered that most stress complaints are secondary to some corrupt business decision.

Her goals are simple:
* Share her experience;
* Transfer her knowledge;
* Provide the winning strategy for health equity; and
* Supply the essential nursing products, services and CBD oil.

Evidence suggests that taking cannabinoid derived from the Hemp plant changes the perception of pain. (Pain is whatever the patient says it is, including discrimination.) This is big, combined with workplace healthcare education it’s potentially the key to preventing preventable diseases.

“Doctors and nurses need this type of healthcare education and health protection – Not only for our own health and wellness, but because we heal and care for you,” says Davis.

She continues, “Chronic stress is the number one cause of major clinical depression, acne, addiction hair loss, fibromyalgia, joint pain, high blood pressure, systemic lupus, digestive disorders, teeth grinding, violence, suicide, mediocre lifestyles and poverty, not undertreated and untreated mental Illness. People just need to know what to do.”

“Our nation’s workforce is tired, you deserve rest, the truth and a different health option,” she adds.

There’s hope. Through the adaptation of the nursing process, she provides her clients with the Prescription for Burnout. “When I created NAESVISION Health, I wanted to raise the nursing platform to address the inappropriate prescribing and use of psychiatric and pain medications. There’s an ignorance within the medical industry when it comes to chronic pain and clinical depression secondary to chronic stress, like employment discrimination. I am here to support the workforce in an alternate way, one that will lead to true health, wealth and abundance,” says Davis.

Black women experiencing employment discrimination are at higher risk of not only disease manifestation, but the loss of spiritual gifts and talents.

According to a groundbreaking 2019 report from Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). California’s disparities, including health and poverty disparities are because of biases embedded in workplace and healthcare policy. “Our nation’s workforce now has an ally,” says Davis. “We are 100% employee-centered focused for the restoration of their health. Healthcare consumers will still have the option of continuing to follow the status quo, but should be cautioned that psychiatry ways are a vicious cycle of death, disease and poverty and has never been proven to be a safe and effective means to true health, wealth and liberty for the people of God.”

Davis says that NAESVISION Health’s nursing products and services is what the workforce needs to overcome institutional racism. “Today, you can receive the advocacy, support, and education you deserve to protect your health, the health of your consumers/community, as well as the health of the next generation,” she says.


For more details, contact NAESVISION Health by visiting the official website at www.naesvision.com or calling (323) 580-4434


Glennae E. Davis, Registered Nurse
Health Equity Strategist & Chronic Stress Educator