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Friday, February 14, 2020

Single Mom Dodges Homelessness — Tells Story in New Book “The Art of Rock Bottom”

Art of Rock Bottom by Janvieve Naemani Fogle


New York, NY — Gifted author Janvieve Naemani has crafted a raw, transparent, passionate call to action for anyone experiencing adversity or setback. With heartfelt honesty and faith, Janvieve inspires her readers to BOUNCE BACK, transform their lives and ramp up the drive to live real dreams with this exceptional book of story and inspiration.

In her book, The Art of Rock Bottom, Janvieve shares her personal story with exquisite intimacy: her struggles as a single mom, her experience of emotional setback, financial devastation and redemption. With detailed and all-too-real examples, this uplifting book advises the reader on how to face challenges with heart and courage, and transform them into personal gold.

With visceral emotion, Janvieve expertly explains how she learned to STOP WAITING AND START LIVING, and trust that all apparent setbacks have a purpose. If we have the courage to work through them, those misfortunes make us stronger, smarter, and more capable to handle the gifts and responsibilities in store for us as destiny unfolds.

She comments, “I pray that my crazy, transparent, roller coaster ride of a life thus far inspires you to just go do that ‘THING’ you can’t stop thinking about. STOP WAITING, START LIVING. The time to do it is now. You know why? The timing will NEVER be perfect. Sometimes you just have to GO FOR IT and trust that God’s plan is better than yours and that EVERYTHING always works out in the end.”

Janvieve rocks audiences on shows like Good Day New York, and has built her 100K plus following on social media with infectious high vibe, genuine humility, and unwavering devotion to community, growth, and to uplifting every one of her followers and readers to higher heights of empowerment, radical health and genuine success.

The Art of Rock Bottom is now available for purchase at www.theartofrockbottom.com

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