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Monday, June 24, 2024

Young Black Entrepreneur Develops New SmartPad and App to Protect Children From Guns

Kayla Austin

Nationwide — 21-year-old Chicagoland native Kayla Austin is excited to introduce her patent-pending technology called “My Gun’s Been Moved” which provides responsible gun owners with 24/7 monitoring and notifications if their firearms have been moved, enhancing the safety of children and communities. Alongside this, Kayla has developed “My Safety Circle” to amplify responsible gun ownership, monitoring, and storage in homes.

Kayla was just 12 years old when she was inspired to create this life-saving product after participating in a youth program, hearing a family member’s story, and watching news reports on gun violence in Chicago. Driven by sleepless nights and a desire to use technology for better gun safety, Kayla has been actively involved in gun safety education. Her intense community activism has earned her recognition from the State of Illinois and Congress.

Kayla has been recognized and won numerous awards for her idea. Most recently, she was named one of Teen Vogue’s “21 Under 21” in 2022 as a youth gun safety advocate to watch, AT&T’s Dream in Black Future Dream Makers, and National Urban League’s Future History Makers. In 2022, Kayla Austin pitched and won $25K at Parrell Williams’ Mighty Dream Forum and Black Ambition. Her “My Gun’s Been Moved” product was showcased at the Consumer Technology’s CES Conference, the world’s most influential tech event, highlighting breakthrough technologies and global innovation. This recognition helped her start WeFunder and GoFundMe campaigns that supported her product’s development.

“According to the Brady Campaign, in 2023, an average of 23 children and teens under the age of 17 were shot each day in the United States,” said Kayla Austin, CEO and Founder. “Guns now kill more children and adolescents than any other cause. I am excited to share how ‘My Gun’s Been Moved’ and My Safety Circle can be a part of the solution.”

Supported by her family, Kayla’s tireless efforts have led to the growth of “My Gun’s Been Moved,” which now has 35 student brand ambassadors. “Kayla’s Safety Circle” educates and advocates for the safety of children and communities by promoting responsible gun ownership, monitoring, and storage.

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