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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Black Doctor Launches Health Promotional App in the Midst of Coronavirus & Social Justice Crises

Dr. Sean T. Hubbard, founder of the Blaklif app

Nationwide — Dr. Sean T. Hubbard, a hospital neurologist in New Jersey, became inspired, when he witnessed conversations happening online, particularly on the most popular social media sites. “If we have to explain that our lives matter, it’s no wonder why we have disparities in our overall health and well-being,” he recently explained. “I wanted for us to have a place, where we don’t have to explain basics about the importance of our existence; a place where we can be authentic and celebrate our continued greatness.”

He recently completed the initial phases of an app called Blaklif that focuses on the basic components of health, also described as The Social Determinants of Health: Social, Economic, Educational, Environmental, Health Habits, and Food.

“My goal was to present a platform for African Americans and others who care about us to engage, share, and collaborate positive information upon which we can all grow – it’s difficult to do this on the most popular social media sites, where many don’t share a concern for our wellbeing,” Dr. Hubbard added.

The app has three sections:

1) IN THE MOMENT is a section for new ideas & photos

2) INSPIRE & MOTIVATE is a section specifically for links to articles, music, and other finds on the internet which help us to reach the next level

3) BUSINESS CARDS section offers the user an opportunity to capture flyers, business cards, and the contact details of those, whom she meets

While other apps have emerged, which are purely social, Blaklif, from what we’ve seen, is the first to foster and promote the business and/or health of those in the Black community. Download the app from either the Play Store or the App Store, and start engaging in an online environment, which focuses on us and what’s good for us.

“We’re committed to making Blaklif the rich source for entertainment, education, and authentic healthy exchange,” finished Dr. Hubbard.

For more details and/or to download the Blacklif app, visit Blaklif.com

For more details about Dr. Sean T. Hubbard, visit DrSeanHubbard.com


Dr. Sean T. Hubbard