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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

29-Year Old Woman Reveals How She Became a Victim to Sex Trafficking

Sharenika Lashay’s story via her new book “Hustled Through The Pain” is encouraging and educating women all over the world.

Sharenika Kashay

Nationwide — Meet Sharenika Lashay, a young African American woman who encountered sex trafficking while pursuing a career in modeling and acting. Many have heard about the cautionary tales about the entertainment industry, but Sharenika actually had to endure a glimpse of that darkness.

Growing up in the rural city of Thomson, Georgia, Sharenika had big dreams of becoming an aspiring model and actress. Those dreams were tainted when she realized her talents weren’t a factor in her journey to success.

Many predators use the guise of bright lights and superstardom to lure in young women especially in industries fueled off women’s physical attributes. Sharenika’s experience was no different. Her aspiring model/actress dreams led her into a tragic encounter with the underworld of sex trafficking which has taken millions of victims and counting to this day. There is a highly protected system that frames sex trafficking as child prostitution and uses several other methods of entrapment to subdue their victims.

Sharenika’s “do whatever it takes to get to the top” mentality put her in a situation that could have led to her demise. Although Sharenika lived a secular life she always looked to her religion for guidance. Due to her spirituality, she was able to find the strength she needed to navigate through her trauma and tell her story.

Her book, Hustled Through The Pain, is a first-hand account of how one wrong choice combined with ignoring your instinct can dramatically transform your life. Today, Lashay utilizes her story as a tool to mentor young and adult women through her program, B.O.L.D. Sharenika has redirected her passion and flourished into a serial entrepreneur. Check out Sharenika’s diverse services on SharenikaLashay.com.

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