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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Web Site Reveals Top 60 Funding Programs For Women (Everything a Girl Needs!)

Women Funding Programs

Nationwide — GrantsForWomen.org, an online resource for women looking for funding, has published a listing of the top 60 programs for women in 2015. The programs help women get scholarships, funding to start a business, funding to start a non-profit, and more.

Although women make up 51% of the world’s population, they are still a minority in many ways. In the workplace and sometimes their homes, they face gender discrimination, gender underestimation, and even gender harassment. Others have to deal with domestic violence and abuse.

GrantsForWomen.org was created to help elevate and empower women, so that they can have successful careers, businesses, and organizations.

Every year, millions of dollars are allocated to programs for women as investments in their talent, creativity, intellect and determination. Research confirms that women are huge contributors to the economy, the workforce, global entrepreneurship, and to the development and management of non-profit organizations.

For more details and/or to search the top 60 programs, visit:


Funding For Women

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