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Monday, January 4, 2016

What Ever Happened to This Young Talented Actor From the “Ray” Movie?

Actor CJ Sanders From Ray

From the 2004 film “Ray” starring Jamie Foxx

Nationwide — What ever happened to CJ Sanders, the young actor who played young Ray Charles in the 2004 film “Ray”? Well, he’s now 19 years old and playing football as a freshman at Notre Dame University, which has one of the most recognized college football programs in the country.

He reportedly was considered a four-star recruit, was rated as the 37th best wide receiver prospect of his class, and was awarded a full scholarship to the University. But CJ isn’t the only one in his family to find success in football. His dad, Christopher Sanders is a former Tennessee Titans wide receiver and he also played for the Houston Oilers. Even his stepfather, Corey Harris, played 12 seasons in the NFL.

Here are some pictures of CJ below:

CJ Sanders

CJ Sanders

Actor Jamie Foxx recently gave him a shout out on Instagram page. He said, “Shout out to my nephew CJ Sanders!! He played the young Ray Charles in the movie. Right now, he’s doing big things at Notre Dame. #TrueFreshman #ToTheHouse

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