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Thursday, June 18, 2020

World’s Biggest Black Homeschool Conference Goes Online for the First Time With Discounted Ticket Prices

9th Annual Liberated Minds Expo Offers a Lasting Form of Protest and Resistance to the George Floyd Murder by Way of Homeschooling

Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo

Atlanta, GA — From June 26-28, 2020, the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo will join the ranks of countless organizations that are hosting their events online in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Normally held in metropolitan Atlanta in mid-July, the Liberated Minds Expo brings together hundreds of Black homeschool parents, culture-affirming educators, education advocates, scholar-practitioners, and vendors to exchange ideas, share their best practices and lessons learned, and encourage each other to invest in their children’s education and total development.

This year’s conference comes right after Black parents all over the United States have gotten a crash course in the form of distance learning that is being incorrectly called homeschooling. Queen Taese, who founded Liberated Minds nine years ago, wants parents to know that what they experienced was an emergency response to a global health crisis, not true homeschooling.

She comments, “True homeschooling is organized for success. Even with the various styles that exist, it is designed to cater to the personalized needs of each child. It is a form of resistance to a system that repeatedly and strategically miseducates and diseducates our children. I feel it is one of the greatest ways of protest we can do in light of the murder of George Floyd and so many others, known and unknown. True liberation must be cultivated in the minds and hearts of our children to affect long-term change. Homeschooling affords us that opportunity.”

Newcomers will still have access to 40 comprehensive masterclass intensives, lots of educational resources, amazing virtual vendors, and a supportive community family of serious-minded parents and educators. The masterclasses range from introductory topics such as “Developing the Homeschool Mindset While in Public School” to powerful subjects such as “Teaching African History,” “Mapping Out Your Child’s Success,” and more. Several workshops offer practical tips for incorporating the arts, STEM, gardening, and travel into a wholistic homeschool curriculum or selection of public school-supplementing activities. There will also be fun and engaging online mini- masterclasses for children of all ages, specifically crafted to instill a sense of cultural identity and a love of learning. These mini-masterclasses include everything from art to science shows to real estate.

Queen Taese is excited about being able to include even more families this year who have expressed interest in the expo in years past but could not make it to Atlanta. She comments, “There is absolutely nowhere in the world that you can go and receive such diverse training, Black books, and educational resources, and instantly gain a community of family to support your journey.”

In addition to going online and moving the expo to June, this year’s admission is significantly reduced from $80 to just $25 for the entire three-day event. Detailed information and tickets can be found at LiberatedMindsExpo.com


Queen Taese
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