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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This Woman is Making History Securing Federal Funding to Preserve Jazz, Blues and R&B Music in Public Schools

Anita Dixon, founder of Sage Consultants

Anita Dixon, a Cultural Heritage Strategist and the founder of Sage Consultants
Photo Credit: James Ward Photography

Kansas City, MO — Just recently, the Department of Labor recognized musicians as an apprenticeable occupation for the first time in the history of America and there is one woman to thank for this accomplishment; Anita J. Dixon, a self-proclaimed “Cultural Heritage Strategist” who last year, also obtained the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) City of Music designation for Kansas City, making it the only such designation for music in America.

As the principal for Sage Consultants, Dixon recognized that the African American culture was a focus globally because of the music derived from such artistic constructs as jazz, blues and R&B but little was being done to preserve that heritage within urban communities and public education. “There was a time when our children had DAILY music classes and were taught by famous names in the industry. For the last 30 years, music education at the K-12 level has dwindled to nothing. Something had to be put in its place to preserve our contributions to genres that are now a part of international studies,” Dixon said.

After three years of lobbying the Department of Labor, the American Music Apprenticeship Program (AMAP) is now a part of the Registered Apprenticeship system. This makes the American Music Apprenticeship Program not just an EDUCATIONAL or CULTURAL ENRICHMENT program, but it expands the study of music as a JOB READINESS and JOB CREATION strategy.

“The American Music Apprenticeship Program (AMAP) is a ‘portable’ program that I aim to bring to schools, urban/rural communities to patch that ever-growing gap in the ability for middle class and poor children to become trained in their passion for music that has roots in American history,” said Dixon.

To instill an AMAP strategy in your school, church or community, contact Anita J. Dixon at 816-612-0864 or go to www.sageworldview.com for more on her expertise in cultural heritage strategies for economic development.