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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry Says She Wants an Apology From Steve Harvey For Lying

Essie Berry and Steve Harvey

Nationwide — Essie Berry, civil rights activist and widow of Fred “ReRun” Berry from the 1970’s sitcom “What’s Happening”, is breaking her silence after nearly 3 years. Berry has been investigating Broderick Steven “Steve” Harvey, and the collusion found in the divorce proceedings for his former wife, Mary Harvey.

Berry says that Steve Harvey has accused her of being a co-conspirator with Mary Harvey; and says that she has lied and tried to extort money from him. According to Berry, “That is a bold face lie.” Berry is demanding a face-to-face apology from Steve Harvey.

Mary L. Harvey’s rights have been violated. Her 1st Amendment to the Constitutional right to freedom of speech was silenced with a GAG Order, thus taking away her freedom of speech and expression. Berry says she wants to release her silence “so that the world will know that Steve Harvey is a fraud, abuser, a bigamist, a cheater, and a liar.”

Berry has proof that Steve Harvey “married” Marjorie Harvey in June 2007 while still dividing assets with Mary Harvey his former wife. She says, “This is a crime. Texas law makes him still married to Mary Harvey because a divorce cannot be finalized until all assets have been divided amongst the parties.”

The Harris County, Texas Court Case number 2007-71114 verifies the date that assets were still being divided. Anyone can pull the document and view this to verify. The Smoking Gun reported Marjorie Harvey’s name is on court documents in Fulton County, Georgia during 2003, 2004, and 2005. But according to Berry, Mary was married to Steve in those years – Marjorie Harvey was not! “To use a person name without authorization or legally given is identity theft. I have documents proving the new wife (Marjorie) was using the Harvey name for purchases although Steve was still married to Mary Harvey,” Berry says. “Is this not Bigamy?!”

According the National Enquirer and Channel 4 Fox News in Dallas, Texas, Steve Harvey threatened his former wife with an imprisonment of 28 years and had her served with a GAG order to keep a crime of child abuse and bigamy secret as well to keep Mary silence about the division of asset that were not done. A blackmail letter dated April 7, 2009 was sent to keep Mary silent. To keep Mary L. Harvey out of jail, Berry didn’t release the evidence of Steve Harvey’s FRAUD. During the divorce, Rickey Anderson and Bobbie Edmond were attorneys for both Steve and Mary Harvey. Berry says, “This is illegal and a conflict of interest.”

His attorneys also allegedly denied Mary Harvey’s right to see her Divorce Decree which Berry says is illegal. She also insists that Steve Harvey continue to try and destroy Mary Harvey’s character, credibility and life to protect his own “selfish” image.

Berry wants Steve Harvey to apology and to discuss all her allegations on live TV. She says that Steve Harvey knows the truth but he will not meet her face to face – even after she offered him $2 million dollars to discuss on live TV. Berry said she can produce all evidence that Mary Harvey was being set up, the gag order making her silent, and documents proving collusion against for the last 12 years. But Steve has refused to meet with her, and at this time Berry is asking that a federal investigation be conducted on Steve and that all his assets are frozen.

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She can be contacted at 909-224-1164 or 706-325-0928 or whynotnow413@gmail.com