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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

100 Black Women Lawyers Go Live, Making History With Zoom Video Conference Call About Injustice

Attorney and entrepreneur LeTonya F. Moore says she created the Order in the Court Forum understanding that perceptions of Black female lawyers have resulted in negative stereotypes and economic disenfranchisement.

Attorney Letonya Moore hosting the Order in the Court Forum with 100 Black women lawyers

Nationwide — Meet Attorney LeTonya F. Moore, who recently made history after she organized and hosted the first-ever online video conference with 100 African American female lawyers. It was called the Order in the Court Forum (Watch it on Facebook), and it provided a safe space for female lawyers of color to have crucial conversations about injustice, racism, discrimination, and other unique challenges they face as women in the legal field.

During the forum, there were facilitated discussions around the perception that “Black women can’t work together”, being mistaken for the court reporter or the defendant, asking to take notes during mediation sessions or take lunch orders, to having to be self-conscious about whether to wear their natural hair, and whether their “curvy figure” will be “too much for the courtroom”, were among a few of the topics.

The main objective of the forum is to commemorate the true essence of the Black woman attorney: intelligent, powerful, wise, nurturing, and strong. The goal is to change the narrative by an exhibition of solidarity and dispel harmful stereotypes. “The scrutiny for women, in general, is already high and it is even more scathing for Black women. We are characterized as ‘angry,’ ‘domineering,’ ‘ghetto,’ ‘loud,’ ‘hard to work with,’ ’emasculating,’ ‘competitive,’ or ‘pushy,’” says Moore.

Black female lawyers have been historically disadvantaged, ostracized, and received little support and mentorship in almost all sectors of the legal industry. “Understanding the true value of having an environment where we can experience real support, guidance, an opportunity for self-expression, and a judgment-free zone is crucial,” says Moore. “I am passionate about making sure that we and other professionals have access to mentorship and a supportive network that will lead to economic empowerment.”

Moore shares, “The biggest outcome from the forum was that this conversation was a long time coming and viewers enjoyed seeing women, especially Black women come together. This is a clear indication that more is needed to be done.”

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About the Organizer
LeTonya F. Moore is an award-winning entrepreneur and former federal government attorney who serves as a mentor to Black female attorneys and professionals seeking to establish their unique marketplace authority. She provides general counsel services and intersectional brand protection services to a national client base. For more information about her law firm, visit IProtectYourBrand.com

She is available for interviews discussing this subject matter and recently established a mentoring program for Black women professionals, and a national attorney referral directory.


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