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Monday, February 1, 2016

100+ Cities to Honor the 8th Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day

— This year, the mayor and citizens of Santa Fe, New Mexico will be one of the newest cities joining the 8th Annual Brown Byrd Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day. —

Kevin Byrd speaking

Kevin Byrd, founder of the Brown Byrd Foundation, speaking about prostate cancer at last year’s event in Atlanta, Georgia

Nationwide — Javier Gonzales, the 42nd mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico has been acknowledge for many things including his voice on equal rights, improving the educational system, providing affordable housing, gun control, diversifying the economy, supporting the youth, and increasing environmentalism. Mayor Gonzalez has dedicated his life to making a difference and just recently issued a proclamation on behalf of the Brown Byrd Foundation honoring February 2nd as Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Prostate Cancer, also known as a “Silent Killer”, is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men in the United States. It is also the number one killing disease among the African-American male population. One out of every seven men will be diagnosed every 2.7 minutes and every 19 minutes a male dies daily from Prostate Cancer. More than 220,000 men alone will be diagnosed with prostate cancer annually and over 75,000 men will die from prostate cancer every year.

The Brown Byrd Foundation, established in 2008, is a Christian organization and is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. It was founded by Kevin Byrd and Blossom Brown to increase awareness and prevention of prostate cancer through early detection and screening. Mr. Byrd and Ms. Brown had a heightened awareness of prostate cancer at the age of 24 when both of their grandfathers lost their battle to prostate cancer. They were motivated by the desire to keep their grandfather’s legacy alive and at the same time save lives. The founders of the Brown Byrd Foundation have been longtime advocates and an active voice for the millions of men affected by prostate cancer. In 2008, the mayor of New York City was the first to honor the Brown Byrd Foundation by designated February 2nd as Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day. Since then, over 100 mayors have joined the efforts of the Brown Byrd Foundation by acknowledging this day in their city states.

The Brown Byrd Foundation has received many accolades for their fight against prostate cancer and has led to a featured segment on Fios1 Heroes on our Island, and numerous television interviews. In 2013, they received the Long Island, Health Care Heroes Award. In February 2012, their work was honored and entered into the Congressional Record Library of Congress by House of Representative Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke. The foundation has also received numerous proclamations from world leaders, U.S. Presidents and the Common Council of Utica, NY recognized their commitment to prostate cancer by honoring the foundation with a street named Brown Byrd Lane. This year, Niagara Falls will be illuminating their falls in blue once again on February 2nd in honor of the Brown Byrd Foundation efforts to cure prostate cancer. (www.niagaraparks.com/niagara-falls-attractions/niagara-falls-illumination.html)

Mayor Javier Gonzalez states in his proclamation, “Whereas, on February 2nd, we remember those who lost the battle against prostate cancer, and we pray for those families and friends, and as a community, we also remember those living with prostate cancer, celebrate the lives of survivors, and thank all the prostate cancer organizations and medical professionals throughout the entire country who aid in these victories. We ask all citizens and community organizations to join us in this historic Observance Day to recognize the importance of raising awareness and the severity and prevalence of prostate cancer.”

The founders of the Brown Byrd Foundation are not content to rest on their laurels for they understand and know that much work needs to be done to find a cure and end prostate cancer. Education regarding prostate cancer and early detection strategies is crucial to saving lives, therefore, all men over the age of 40 are asked to take action by scheduling an appointment to get tested today!

For free prostate cancer screening in your state, click on the following link:

This year, the mayor and citizens of Santa Fe, New Mexico will be one of the newest cities joining the 8th Annual Brown Byrd Prostate Cancer Awareness Observance Day. On February 2nd, citizens will wear a blue ribbon and light blue candles that symbolizes the thousands of men who lost the battle against prostate cancer. Citizens will also pray and have a 19 seconds moment of silence. By continuing the fight again this insidious disease we will make our world a more healthier and peaceful place.

For more information about Prostate Cancer, contact Kevin Byrd, the CEO/Chairman of Brown Byrd Foundation at 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10005 or email him at musicmankb2000@yahoo.com. Contact Number: (212) 709-8335. You can also check out the Brown/Byrd online store at www.cafepress.com/kevbyrd.

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