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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

11-Year Old Entrepreneur, William Inlaw, Turns Pain into Passion Through Fashion with Walni

William Inlaw, founder of Walni

William Inlaw, founder of Walni

New York, NY — Turning pain into passion and making it happen is a life lesson that many will encounter throughout their lives. However, 11-year old William Inlaw, has cracked this code well before his time.

William Inlaw, founder of Walni has created an aspirational lifestyle brand that is designed to breed winners by daring individuals to pursue their dreams and win it! Walni is an aspirational lifestyle brand that is a symbol of power and self-expression.

At a young age, Inlaw was introduced to bullying when both of his sisters were victims. He remembers vividly how that pain affected him and his family. The impact that these incidents had on his life may never be forgotten, and William he made a vow to encourage victims of bullying and impact the world through Walni. “It hurt me to see my sisters go through so much pain,” says the young creative visionary, William Inlaw. “I honestly don’t want to see that happen to anyone else. I want to build a world of Winners!”

Walni delivers classic baseball caps in a variety of statement colors that represent positive affirmations to reinforce the leaders of today. When you wear Walni, you become it. The variety of colors are: yellow which represents “intelligence,” red for “strength,” blue for “confidence,” black for “powerful,” orange for “determination,” and green for “ambition.”

The young principal designer has already received many accolades for curating such a bold statement and purposeful brand. His mother, Tanika Inlaw-Chambers, is most impressed and inspired by William’s ambition, “‘Mom, go big or go home!” is what he said to her when incubating his brand. After letting her motherly guard down, Walni brand took off on its own, even earning a spot in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards Gift Bag.

Walni can be purchased at Walniclothing.com for $85.00. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes toward Lock Arms and Link Dreams, a non-profit that supports children with learning disabilities. Walni also proudly offers a “Winner Membership,” which serves as a positive community for customers to remain inspired through inspirational messages, games and events.

With a classic American cool style, in design and fit, Walni represents the new ivy league of cool that is ready to WIN IT!


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