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Friday, August 31, 2018

12 Minority Experts Selected for the Branding Accelerator Program as the First Cohort

11 African Americans and one Filipino American were selected from the 189 applications that were reviewed over two months for the branding and media-focused initiative, which is a new 12-week accelerated online program which begins Tuesday, September 4.

Branding Accelerator Program

Detroit, MISpeakers Magazine Publisher and Public Relations Master Coach, Pam Perry, announced today the 12 emerging media celebrities who will work with her to transform the landscape of their communities as part of the first cohort of The Branding Accelerator Program.

“My goal as a publisher and publicist is to find and unearth the best and the brightest gems and train them to shine their light to make their communities better and inspire others to do the same. This cohort consists of leaders, entrepreneurs and artists who have big stories and big hearts. They are ready to take their message to the masses and me, and my guest experts will give them the tools and training. Our goal is to take them from being unfamiliar by most to becoming famous by many. When you have a brand, you can command attention – and share your gift with more people,” said Perry, the creator of the program.

The Branding Accelerator Program was designed to provide authors, experts, entrepreneurs, speakers, artists and community leaders opportunities to build capacity in public relations knowledge, publishing, partnering, platform building, positioning and learn from veteran media professionals. “Once I show them how to create media-ready brand assets like press kits and SEO blog posts, then they’ll learn how to pitch media weekly – the cohort will be seen everywhere and be invited to speak on major platforms as a result,” said Perry.

Perry’s parent company, Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc. founded in 2000, has always used communication strategies to accelerate messages that promote positivity, motivation and encouragement in communities, especially to urban communities.

During the program, the cohort will participate in an action-oriented program where Perry and 12 guest experts will teach subjects ranging from partnerships, sponsorships, podcasts, publishing, broadcast sound bites, social media, video production, visual branding and how to get media attention directly from producers who book TV guests and editors who assign stories. Real time media pitching will take place weekly.

“I was overwhelmingly impressed by all of the applications for this first cohort of Branding Accelerators. But collectively, this group was more dedicated and passionate and had the abilities to truly transform the landscape in their communities. Each member of the cohort has vowed to collaborate, not compete with each other,” said Perry. “This is a partnership, and we are all here to support each other while building skills and competencies together. Their job is to apply the knowledge they learn to be beacons of light and become those positive headline stories for the media.”

The members of the first cohort of the Branding Accelerator Program are:

* Ires Alliston, Atlanta, GA
* Rosaline Gordon, Brooklyn, NY
* Karlton Harris, Houston, TX
* Alycia Huston, San Diego, CA
* Dr. Marilyn French Hubbard, Bloomfield Hills, MI
* Letonya Moore, Huntsville, AL
* Vincina Person, Farmington Hills, MI
* Tanya Roquemore, Lancaster, CA
* Carmen Thomas, Lansing, MI
* Denise Wanamaker, Atlanta, GA
* Joanne Williams, Chicago, IL
* Subrina Wood, Washington, DC

Collectively, the 12 members of the cohort are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, bloggers, artists, nonprofit leaders, but all subject-matter experts in their industries.

Each member will be encouraged to host their own signature event; and in doing so, will be on the cover of SPEAKERS MAGAZINE next year. “The magazine is a way that further positions each member of the cohort as an impact player and leader. In the past, we’ve had great speakers, like Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser, on the cover and attended their conferences as media partners,” said Perry. “Our cohort members will be given the same opportunity and more.”

Next year’s program will be in the fall of 2019, and the notification list is already open. Those interested in The Branding Accelerator Program can visit www.brandingacceleratorprogram.com


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