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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

13, 14 and… This Atlanta Family Just Welcomed Their 15th Child

Adkins Family in Atlanta

LaChelle Adkins of McDonough, Georgia, recently gave birth to her 13th child. That makes a total of 15 children for her and husband, Jerome, who has two children from a previous marriage. With that many children, the Adkins family is large enough to have their own reality show, and LaChelle says that she would welcome that opportunity.

She comments, “We actually had talked with Discovery Studios, and because they have big families right now, they said they’re not pursuing anything. But I think the whole concept that we have that we want to do is a little bit different.”

LaChelle, who has literally spent most of the past 20 years either pregnant or nursing, says that she would like her family featured on a TV show that teaches parents the lessons that she has learned as a mother in a large family. The family lives in a nice-sized home in suburban Atlanta, and the father works a full-time job to support his family.

The oldest daughter, who is 21-year-old, says because of their large family size, she aspires to become a medical doctor. But she laughingly admits that she only wants to have one or two kids in her own marriage.

Jerome and LaChelle Adkins say that having even more children is still a possibility, but first they look forward to welcoming their first grandchild – who is due this summer.