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Sunday, December 13, 2015

13-Year Old Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is Awarded By the State of New Jersey For Opening a Spa and Boutique Exclusively for Children, Tweens, and Teens

Essynce Moore Receives Award

13-year old Essynce Moore Receiving Her Award From the State of New Jersey

Passaic, NJ — Essynce Couture, LLC Spa and Boutique, owned by 13-year old Essynce Moore, had a grand opening on November 1, 2015 that offered complimentary services to children, tweens and teens. The children were able to take advantage of facials, hair styles, manicures, pedicures, hair-cuts, athletic foot treatments, athletic hand treatments, and more.

The children were able to experience pampering at its BEST with staff on hand that made sure the children were comfortable and enjoying themselves. Some also enjoyed shopping and purchasing Essynce Couture clothing, bath and body products, lip gloss/balms and Essynce’s Top Seller book- 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.

On Wednesday, November 9th, the Joint Legislative Resolution: Senator Sarlo, Assemblyman Schaer, Assemblywoman Caride and Christine visited the spa and boutique personally to congratulate Essynce with a State of New Jersey Award. The award recognized her as an individual of determination and enterprise whose efforts have brought pride and distinction to her family, community, and the State of New Jersey.

Essynce is a trendsetter for her peers and captures the attention of children everywhere. To say she is a “role model” is an understatement! Essynce’s ultimate dream is to meet the Obama Family and visit the White House to discuss business, entrepreneurship education initiatives, and other opportunities that’s centered around children, tweens, and teens. She also desires to see Essynce Couture Spa and Boutique’s all around the world.

Essynce wishes to raise capital via grants, investors, sponsorships, and endorsements to allow her to teach other children, tweens, and teens how to also become entrepreneurs for free.

She is consistently looking for Essynce Couture Reps and Brand Ambassador’s across the country. Interested ones should visit their website at www.essyncecouture.com for more details. As Essynce puts it, “Entrepreneurship is one of the best gifts to give.”

Twitter: www.twitter.com/EssynceCouture
Facebook: www.facebook.com/essyncecouture
Instagram: www.instagram.com/essyncecouturellc


About Essynce Moore
Teenpreneur, children, tweens and teens stylist/fashion designer, actress, motivational speaker, and author Essynce Moore has been in various fashion shows, pageants, and karate tournaments. She was showcased in NY Fashion Week, and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week, featured in several interviews in magazines, TV, News, print, conferences, and is a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce.

If you would like more information about Essynce Couture, LLC, or if you would like to schedule an interview with Essynce Moore, please call Starr Barrett at 908-977–6898 or contact her via email at starrbarrett@gmail.com.


Starr Barrett

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