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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

14-Year Old Girl Being Punched By Officers Was Justified, According to Florida Police Chief

Florida police punching 14-year old Black girl

Coral Springs, FL —  Another viral video has sparked controversy between police and African Americans. This time, it involves two police officers beating up a 14-year old Black girl on the ground as seen in the video. Many have been appalled by the police’s excessive use of force, including the girl’s mother who is considering taking legal actions.

On October 18th, Coral Springs police responded to a disturbance call at Coral Square Mall. A group of teens, who were allegedly released early from school, was reported by mall security for causing a ruckus and harassing mallgoers. One teen reportedly pushed a 5-year-old and another one hit another teen.

Police officers who responded gave the teens a trespass warning and forced them off the mall. But before the police could leave, some of the teens went back and they arrested one of the boys. The 14-year-old girl cursed and tried to rile up her other friends, police said in a “rumor control” statement through a Twitter post.

That’s when the police forced the girl to the ground and punched her “attempting to get her to release her fists. In order to have her comply, she was struck in the side to release her clenched fists–she was then handcuffed,” the police statement continued.

“What you see on video is the officer delivering some strikes, distraction strikes to an area where she has her hands concealed underneath her,” said Coral Springs police Deputy Chief Brad McKeone. “The officers don’t know what she may have in her possession. That’s a concern.”

The girl’s mother, Jessica Dennis, believes her daughter wasn’t aggressive to receive such violence. She said in a media interview, “I’m angry. I would never expect this to happen. Her hands were pinned up. It was just too much.”

Her attorney, Meeghan Moldof, said the police were clearly being brutal on the girl. She said, “He’s just gut-shotting her, like one after another. The video speaks for itself. That’s the truth right there.”

The 14-year old girl is facing three charges and was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Watch the news coverage below: