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Sunday, December 2, 2018

2 Women Charged for Selling Cocaine While Posing as Uber Drivers

Lateka Delaney and Nicole Cathey

Lateka Delaney and Nicole Cathey

Chicago, IL — Two women from Milwaukee were arrested for allegedly driving a fake Uber vehicle to offer rides and attempting to sell cocaine in River North neighborhood in Near North Side, Chicago. Local officials have once again issued a warning about people in Chicago who pretend to be rideshare drivers to rob people and/or sell narcotics!

On November 24 at around 4:15 a.m., 23-year old Lateka Delaney, who was the one driving, and 38-year old Nicole Cathey, who was the passenger, began soliciting rides in the 200 block of West Grand Avenue.

A man who they flagged down and got into the car told the police that the two asked him if he wanted to party and offered to sell him cocaine, according to the police report.

Delaney and Cathey were arrested a few minutes later. Police reportedly found a bag of cocaine from the driver’s side floorboard. Both of them don’t actually have a ridesharing account and are not authorized to drive the car, which is a rental vehicle.

Delaney was charged with a felony count of possession of a controlled substance, according to Chicago police. Moreover, Delaney and Cathey are both facing misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass to a vehicle and soliciting unlawful business. Both of them were released on recognizance bonds.

The incident follows several warnings from police about a still-at-large robbery duo who were apparently pretending to be rideshare drivers but were actually robbers who rob from those who ride their car.